The Skateboard

Over the years my guy has come across some pretty fun skateboards; he loves them and I wish I could ride them! Well, I can, it’s just that it goes one way and I go the other – not pretty. Unlike me, my man grew up riding them well and has a hard time passing … More The Skateboard

Rattan Egg Chair

My husband remembers photographs of a rattan egg chair swinging from an olive tree at his grandma’s house during the 1960’s. The swing was no longer around by the time my husband was born and he has always thought how cool it would be to have one of our own. We haven’t been able to … More Rattan Egg Chair

Water Terrarium

I’m kind of in love with this awesome water terrarium that sits on our balcony deck. My hubs found these two pieces separately about two years ago at different thrift stores on, get this, the same day (love when that magic happens). We both have an affinity for anything hair pin and these legs fit … More Water Terrarium

Air Plant Creativity

This post is 100% inspired by my dear blogger friend, Stacey (you really must check out her beautiful home if you haven’t already at a Goode house). Due to one of her recent posts I got a small handful of these fantastic, nearly whimsical air plants from Air Plant Supply Co. I bought them for … More Air Plant Creativity

The Joy of Plants

Today my husband and I spent the afternoon transplanting some of our plants (most of them California natives) into bigger homes (this previously shared a terracotta with 4 other succulents) and adding some new plants a friend of ours contributed to our growing plant population. I love the freshness of the way this looks. Now … More The Joy of Plants