Gladmark Plates

We all have tableware we avoid using for fear of wear and tear or, worse, breakage. For many I would assume it’s fine china. For us it’s a set of 4 teak Gladmark lunch plates from Sun Valley, CA. These 1960’s creations would be perfect to use while watching a film (which we do plenty … More Gladmark Plates


This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances, especially during the summer months. The Juice-O-Mat was The Rival Company‘s (founded in 1932) first manufactured kitchen appliance. They halted all production during WWII to manufacture wartime products, but when they reopened post war, they produced the Can-O-Mat, the Broil-O-Mat, the Ice-O-Mat and many, many more “O-Mat’s”. … More Juice-O-Mat

Bauer Beehives

My husband and I cook dinner together nearly every night. It provides the perfect opportunity to find out about each others day while sipping a nice glass of wine (well, at least it’s a glass of wine). Plus, we enjoy the creativity (as long as there’s no recipe is involved!). My Co-Chef found these Beehive … More Bauer Beehives

Fire-King Bowls

Anytime my other half sees mid-century dishware (or anything for that matter), he beelines. I love it because of the different shaped and varied colored dishes it provides our kitchen aesthetic. He recently spotted and nabbed these Fire-King Bowls at a rummage sale. Fire-King (of Anchor Hocking) was first produced in the 1940’s and was … More Fire-King Bowls