Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King

Is there a quintessential piece of furniture that you know once found it means you’ve “arrived”? For us it’s been a midcentury free-standing fireplace for quite awhile. Every time we come across one in an old magazine we patiently admire it. Whenever we come across one for sale, which is rare, it’s too damn expensive. … More Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King

Water-cooler Talk

Look at this piece o’ work (and I write that with the utmost respect for this old-school find). My main man nabbed this at a thrift store for a twenty spot. It’s a Sunroc Water Cooler that doubles as a mini fridge! I was shocked to find very little (read NO) info on these. I … More Water-cooler Talk


This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances, especially during the summer months. The Juice-O-Mat was The Rival Company‘s (founded in 1932) first manufactured kitchen appliance. They halted all production during WWII to manufacture wartime products, but when they reopened post war, they produced the Can-O-Mat, the Broil-O-Mat, the Ice-O-Mat and many, many more “O-Mat’s”. … More Juice-O-Mat