Vintage Threads

Those of you that have been with me awhile know my marriage came with a personal shopper. And, just in time for Easter, my man came home with two vintage finds: an adorable gingham blouse that looks like it’s been in hiding for the last 5+ decades and green, Kate Collins cardigan that he thought … More Vintage Threads

From Sari To Scarf

Today’s repurposed post is brought to you in part by the ladies of a fair trade cooperative in northwestern India. These artisans work together in a group called Vishwakarma (see two of the beautiful artisans pictured from Handmade Expressions’ website below), and they supply Ten Thousand Villages with beautifully handmade totes and cushions crafted from … More From Sari To Scarf

A Touch of Tangerine

Okaaaaay, so the thrill of a new year dwindled a bit for me this week and I found myself feeling a little blah (and eating more dark chocolate than absolutely necessary). Seeing how quickly Monday was on its way (and that I needed to curb the chocolate), I decided to take a little preparatory pick-me-up … More A Touch of Tangerine

One Wild Hat

Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against? Johnny: Whadda got? Who doesn’t love Marlon Brando, especially as “The Wild One”?! Awkward segue: thrift stores aren’t exactly great where I live. They used to be, but are now watered down and picked over. However, today I will revert to my Aussie friends more optimistic terminology … More One Wild Hat

Hair Buttons

I swear I’m not going to turn this into a button blog, but I’ve got another button revamp. I have these really cool fabric buttons that I’ve been wanting to do something with (these were scored at a thrift store by my hubs). I may have just the sweater to add them to, but it’s … More Hair Buttons