Vintage Button Rings

Martyna over at Spoolish recently scored thrifted costume jewelry that needed some repair. She purchased ring blanks and went to town creating some funky, fun rings to spice up her wardrobe ensembles. I’d never worked with ring blanks before, but her post totally inspired me to give them a whirl. I purchased a few on … More Vintage Button Rings

From Sari To Scarf

Today’s repurposed post is brought to you in part by the ladies of a fair trade cooperative in northwestern India. These artisans work together in a group called Vishwakarma (see two of the beautiful artisans pictured from Handmade Expressions’ website below), and they supply Ten Thousand Villages with beautifully handmade totes and cushions crafted from … More From Sari To Scarf

A Touch of Tangerine

Okaaaaay, so the thrill of a new year dwindled a bit for me this week and I found myself feeling a little blah (and eating more dark chocolate than absolutely necessary). Seeing how quickly Monday was on its way (and that I needed to curb the chocolate), I decided to take a little preparatory pick-me-up … More A Touch of Tangerine

One Wild Hat

Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against? Johnny: Whadda got? Who doesn’t love Marlon Brando, especially as “The Wild One”?! Awkward segue: thrift stores aren’t exactly great where I live. They used to be, but are now watered down and picked over. However, today I will revert to my Aussie friends more optimistic terminology … More One Wild Hat

Picture This

Since I turned 13, my camera has always been my favorite accessory (let’s be honest – it’s actually more of a limb than a mere accessory). It literally goes where I go. In 2004 I bit the budget bullet and joined the affordable, ground-breaking world known as digital (well, affordable after the camera was purchased). … More Picture This

Hair Buttons

I swear I’m not going to turn this into a button blog, but I’ve got another button revamp. I have these really cool fabric buttons that I’ve been wanting to do something with (these were scored at a thrift store by my hubs). I may have just the sweater to add them to, but it’s … More Hair Buttons

Cute as a Button

I don’t sew much (read ever) unless it’s a little hole that needs stitching up or a hem here and there. I do replace buttons, however. It’s an easy way to change up a pair of pants you’ve grown bored with or retro out a modern coat. I have hundreds of vintage buttons in greens, … More Cute as a Button