Renovated Baby Room

After a very long hiatus, I’m back! A lot has happened over the last year, but the biggest change for my husband and me is our 8 month old. We have a daughter! And she is such a blast. And a handful. So, between adjusting to parenthood and a lot of other life events, I’ve let this blog fall by the wayside. Let’s see if I can fix that.

In order to accommodate this new little life, we had to make some space changes in our home. My husband handled most of these tasks, which ended up being no small feat given all the tiny nooks that needed to be rid of decades worth of old paint in what was a former breezeway closet.

bedroom before

After the laborious part came the colorful part. He slapped on light coats of pink paint and green stain and then had fun bringing in some estate sale finds to give it character, like some vintage green glass knobs and a great lampshade, which fit perfectly over the changing table.

bedroom after

Then we hung up some vintage pictures and made room for some old stuffed animals, including some of my creepy dolls (maybe that already makes me a bad parent, but I’m hoping she won’t mind them!).

bedroom decorated


The room is tiny, but lovely, and it’s functional. I’m hoping she has many sweet dreams in it. And now I am going to spend a little time catching up on some other blogs to see what I’ve missed over the last several year. It’s good to be back.

thrifting the aisles

Papa teaching her his ways. . . .


2 thoughts on “Renovated Baby Room

  1. OH. MY. GAWD!!! MAMA!!!! I’m so excited for you guys.
Hey! sweetie. It’s been a long time. Apparently long enough for you to add a new and wonderful little person to your life. I’m just giddy to drop by this evening and see this. Congrats!!

    She’s a cutie…. and thrift shopping just like mom. awwwwww. I know you’re in love!
The room looks great. Nice work. Hip and cool as always. And the creepy dolls are perfect. (wink)

    It’s been so long since I’ve blogged I actually let my domain name go a week past and someone wrote me today to tell me my blog was “gone”! HA HA! So I renewed and remembered how much fun it use to be and the first person I thought of was YOU!.

    I’ll be back…. Have fun with your beautiful little girl!

    1. OH. MY. GAWD. it’s my BBFF (blog bff). i have thought of you so often. i am so glad you salvaged (ha, see what i done?) your domain name. and i can’t wait for a new post. i have threatened to post so many times and it’s only amounted to two as my “return”! i want to get better at that myself. anyway, i want to catch up more. big love!

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