The Skateboard

Over the years my guy has come across some pretty fun skateboards; he loves them and I wish I could ride them! Well, I can, it’s just that it goes one way and I go the other – not pretty. Unlike me, my man grew up riding them well and has a hard time passing it up when he sees one.

A few years ago he even picked a Mark Gonzales (“The Gonz”), a celebrated skateboarder and artist. We flipped the board for pretty decent money (kinda wished we’d kept it now, but collectors have to purge once in awhile otherwise it’s called hoarding.).

Image taken from


But, this, arguably, is the best (if not the most nostalgic) skateboard find: a piece of wood with a set of roller skate wheels. He bought it at an estate sale in Alhambra, CA from a guy who constructed it in the late 1950’s and was finally ready to part with it. I love it for everything it represents — kids who, wanting to imitate surfing a wave, resourcefully scavenged scraps for a fun time outdoors.

Photo taken by ScrapAndSalvage
Photo taken by ScrapAndSalvage

I wish we had a photo of its original owner skating the hills of Alhambra back in the day, but this will have to do as a placeholder.

1947 Fruit Crate Scooter. Image from

Skateboarding gained and fell in popularity and repeated that cycle a few times over the decades, but there are those that never lost the love for it and I’m glad we have the documentation to enjoy its beauty.

Skateboarders in San Francisco skate on "The Pipe," a location kept secret so police don't shut it down. Dec. 1, 1976. Photo: Gary Fong, The Chronicle. Photo taken from
Skateboarders in San Francisco skate on “The Pipe,” a location kept secret so police don’t shut it down. Dec. 1, 1976. Photo: Gary Fong, The Chronicle. Photo taken from
Deanne Fitzmaurice,
Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Nov. 2, 1986: Deanne Fitzmaurice, The Chronicle. Taken from

It would be stellar to have a wall display someday and turn these little boards into works of art. Maybe we do need to collect a few more…

Himself giving it a go!

And if you haven’t yet seen Stacy Peralta’s Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, it’s well worth a watch!



4 thoughts on “The Skateboard

  1. Cool! Did you know that I had a skateboard when I was a kid? We didn’t do any fancy moves way back when. In fact, I was only allowed to ride down the sloping driveway (where I made a crazy, neat-o, death-defying turn) and back up again … but those were great times!

    1. fun! i think i remember you telling me about your skateboard. i pretty much sat on it whenever i took one for a turn. i’d love to master a neat-o turn 😀

  2. Awesome – yes, I think a collection is a perfect idea 🙂 My own few attempts at skateboarding were not pretty…at least when you fall snowboarding, you fall in snow 🙂

    1. true that!! except, i’ve never been snowboarding (though jordan has), but i’d be afraid of feeling claustrophobic with the board strapped to my feet :O
      hope you are well!!

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