New Finds: March Addition

I’ve been working on a project that hasn’t really gone my way, but I’m sticking with it to show you all soon! In the meantime, here are some cool little finds in the past weeks.

Take these strands of funky midcentury lights. I love the colors and their granulated sugar-like texture. I think they’ll be perfect at a Springtime party.

funky lights

Then there’s this sleek, never-been-used ice bucket recently scored at an estate sale. It’s so simple and I love the bamboo wicker  tongs. Fun little treat – it was wrapped in newspaper and one of the featured stories was about CBS’s new comedy series, “Gilligan’s Island”. That lucky bit of information dates this piece to no later than 1964.


These portable chairbacks will be perfect for camping or, even better, our annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl!


This pot-bellied stove from West Germany is a cool find. It needs a little sprucing up, but it’s pretty adorable and will make for a good resale item.


Then there’s these fun little biddies with a fun story to go with them. My hubs scored one of them at an estate sale and was bummed that it wasn’t a pair. Feeling like it should he decided to do a little internet sweep and lo and behold, its twin showed up in an ad for new items at a local antique mall, so we headed out and scooped up the match (naturally for a bit more than the other).


That’s it for now. Be back (hopefully) soon with another project!


4 thoughts on “New Finds: March Addition

  1. Great finds!!! Love that ice bucket. I’m sure being stranded on an island would make you long for ice and a bucket to put in it! HA HA!! SO GREAT about the newspaper article. Love finding stuff like that.

    Can’t believe your luck on those lamps. Sometimes things find YOU! Looking forward to your “project”. xo

    1. i can totally see that ice bucket in your house!

      hope you’re hanging in there, stacey! this is a big week for you. am heading over to your blog now to comment further. xo

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