Bill Curry Design Line Jack (Jax)

I’m just gonna throw every word in the title since I didn’t know exactly what to call it when I first started out here. This is a bookend. I say “end” (singular) because my husband only came across one at an estate sale last weekend. But what the heck, it was only $5 and one bookend is better than no bookend at all.


I love it. I’ve seen these suckers displayed in many midcentury modern homes (some of yours included), and it’s one of those pieces that you can kind of just see why. Having scored one for my very own, I dug a little deeper to find out about its history and found some good information at a blogspot dedicated to the designer.

Though it’s often misattributed to George Nelson, the bookend jack was designed by Bill Curry and his wife Jacquelyn at Design Line in El Segundo. Even closer to (my) home, he was a graduate student of Art Center and “[i]n 1965 all Design Line products were selected for Excellence of Design by Pasadena Art Museum’s Design Nine Exhibition.” I adore this photo (and the killer room divider) of Bill and Jackie.


His jacks come in 9 and 3 pound brass designs and in 12 different colors. I’m partial to the brass, though a red one would be pretty sweet for kicks, too. The 1967-68 catalog below also shows a few other of his bookend designs.

bookends pricelist bw sm

After all my digging, I found out that Curry’s design is properly called a jack and not a jax. And I guess that’s about all for now on Bill Curry and his Jack bookend. Have a good week, everyone!




2 thoughts on “Bill Curry Design Line Jack (Jax)

  1. I LOVE Curry’s Jack! I have had my eye out for one for years but we’ve never found a “real” one. I do have a copy but would be thrilled to have this beauty. $5.00 makes me think who ever sold this to you had no idea what it was. LUCKY YOU! I always keep very quiet at moments like that. Then I let out a little scream when I get home. 🙂

    I like the brass ones best. She (or he, since it’s JACK) looks great in your home. Just perfect!

    1. i thought i’ve seen one in your place, stacey! is it a red one?
      i’ll admit a squeal escaped me. especially when i found out ol’ curry went to school down the street from me.
      a brass one would look smashing in your newly refashioned closet nook, eh?! 😀

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