Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King

Is there a quintessential piece of furniture that you know once found it means you’ve “arrived”? For us it’s been a midcentury free-standing fireplace for quite awhile. Every time we come across one in an old magazine we patiently admire it. Whenever we come across one for sale, which is rare, it’s too damn expensive.

Until now, blog world! We got one! My hubs found one listed on Craigslist for under 2 bills and drove a good 80 miles (roundtrip) to bring her home.


Look at that Bronze Green! The best part about it is that the body is entirely ceramic. It’s an Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace made by Condon-King. Thanks to Mad for Midcentury, I found an ad introducing this “space-age” model in a 1967 Popular Science magazine:

1967 Popular Science Aztec Fireplace

Unfortunately our new score didn’t come with a screen and its former owner modified it to comply with a gas fixture, knocking a little hole on the bottom. We’re not big fans of tampering with vintage items like this, but hey, it’s still 100% awesome.

The flue had a little rust on it, so we sanded it down and painted it a black matte to match its original look. And then gave the inside a good cleaning to spiff it up a bit.



clean interior

One day we’ll have a home where it will act as a functional piece, but for now it’s the perfect decor. Except I think we have way yonder too much green for our own good. It’s ridiculous.


So now we can move onto the next “we’ve finally arrived” must-have πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King

  1. WOW! I’m green with envy! That baby is gorgeous! You are officially cool and fabulous. Oh wait… you already were. So now you are times ten.

    Yep, this is one of those items you see in magazines and think they’re so incredible but you never imagined you’d get one. Especially at that price! Great find you guys. That green goes perfect in your house. I know it’s just cool decor right now but maybe you could use it on the porch. An outdoor fire pit or something. I don’t know… I’d be so excited to use it I’d have to try it.

    This is major! Congrats. She’s so fine!
    I also love how you find the old advertisements for some of the items you find. Such nostalgia!

    1. we thought about putting it on our porch. we’re tempted. really, it requires a midcentury house to be legit (can you order me up one, stacey?!), so we might just move it out to use it. i just don’t want to “dirty” it up! ha. even thought that’s what it was made for πŸ˜€
      glad you like it, stace. you need an orange one for your house! hope your closet is coming along! love ya!

    1. thank you, christine! i’m very partial to that color, too! it’s a good “life” color πŸ™‚
      hope you are doing well. this is my first chance to wish you a happy 2014! thanks for stopping by.

      1. Yes! I’ll bring the lettuce jello πŸ™‚

        But really, I love it! And the all the green…the BEST.

  2. Jealous! I so want one of these, too! Hopefully for our forever house (if/when we ever get one!) we’ll find something as awesome as this!!!

    1. glad you like it, too, nicole!! you have a little time to find one for your forever house! i’ll let you know if jordan finds another πŸ˜€ i can see you with a rust orange one for sure!!

  3. There’s no such thing as too much green in my opinion – and esp in that shade! Wow, that thing is cool. (or should I say warm…? I guess that remains to be seen…)


    1. LOL that does remain to be seen, ha! hopefully warm one day! glad you like the green. and since you have great style, that means a lot! glad you like our new find, j. hope you and your little fam are well. xo

  4. Hi:
    I have a old, unused Aztec free standing fireplace in a very good condition. Can you please tell me whether I can use it an outdoor setting hook up to a natural gas line. Can it stand the natural gas? I really like the look and I want to use it on my outdoor deck. I’m building a fireproof base right now. I would appreciate if you can give me some advice. Thanks.

    1. hi there and thanks for stopping by. i’m not an expert, but i don’t *think* there’s a problem with using the gas hook up. i haven’t used it on mine, though i know its previous owners did and it seemingly withstood it. ceramic can get pretty hot and it’s good that you’re building a special fireproof base.

      i don’t know if your deck is covered or not, but i would just make sure the outdoor elements don’t cause your aztec to weather and rust. sorry i don’t have more knowledge with the gas hook up. i hope you enjoy your fireplace and thank you for stopping by!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I decided not to use it because my installer said we can’t use it for natural gas. It still is pretty so I will keep it as part of my room decor.

      2. I’m glad you got the official advice. We’re currently using ours the exact same way, as interior decor πŸ™‚ I’m with you, I love the way it looks and it adds so much personality to the room. Thanks for replying with the word from your installer. Take care.

  5. We have one of these fireplaces in yellow. It’s in mint condition and is electric. Would like to sell it.

    1. Hi Gail. That’s great. How much are you selling it for? Do you have any photos? Would love to see a yellow one!

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