An Unstoppable Schwinn

At the start of 2013, my man picked up an old Huffy bike at a yard sale. It’s a 1950’s Customliner, rough around the edges and doesn’t have a kickstand. But, he loves it and frequently takes it out just to ride to the end of our culdesac and back.


I’ve been wanting a vintage bicycle for a very long time. Me, a vintage set of wheels and a basket = unstoppable. Before I married my husband, he surprised me with a beautiful 1960’s Schwinn. I love it, but it’s slightly too big for me and for several years now the tires have been out of commission.

Just before Christmas we headed out to some friends’ house and passed an awesome little junk shop with a 1959-ish Hollywood Schwinn parked outside. It was for sale. Incidentally, the shop happens to be owned by the same woman whom the Huffy was purchased from nearly a year ago! Well, needless to say it turned into my Christmas present – yay me!


I love the cobalt blue. And it has a basket! And there’s a name plate that I have every intention of keeping on. Three cheers for Lorynne!


It has some rust stains that need buffing out, but for now it rides like a charm and it’s perfect for these sunny “winter” days (sorry to all my mid-west neighbors who are experiencing radically cold temperatures right now).


Wishing everybody the best 2014 anyone can ask for. As for me, I am starting the year off unstoppable.



7 thoughts on “An Unstoppable Schwinn

  1. Look how CUTE YOU ARE! What a Schwinn-tastic gift. Your so “Hollywood”! Another reason to just love you —- You KEPT the name on the basket. Such a great gift. Way to go Santa! (cough cough) And by the way… we’ve had TWO sunny “winter” days in a row with temps reaching 70. Perfect for a bike ride.

    P.S. The pictures are great. The ‘S’ on the seat is awesome.

    1. i love the bike seat S too! nice to hear you’ve had some good weather. though i hear in texas if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute??? haha.
      santa was very good to me in 2013. here’s to upping the ante in 2014 (wait. i think that behavior gets coal 😉 ) happy 2014, stacey!

    1. thanks, danielle!! i totally agree, gorgeous in every way. now i just need a bell 😀
      happy new year to you and your family, danielle! hope all is well.

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