Poul Volther Chair Out of the Dumpster

My husband went dumpster diving for a chair and came up with this Poul Volther original.


It was obvious why it had been discarded, but it really just needed a little TLC.


Due to the extent of the break, my man took it apart piece by piece and gave the broken chair leg a good glue and clamp.



The after result is pretty seamless!


The chair was considerably sun bleached and some of its finish was peeling off, so he sanded itΒ and re-finished the teak with a gel stain.


The cord seat was in good, sturdy condition and just needed a good cleaning. After a few hours of time and a couple dollars of product, we found ourselves with a beautifully restored mid-century dining chair. A set of 4 would have been nice, but divers can’t be choosers.



Poul M. Volther was a Danish-born mid-century designer, most famously known for his Corona chair.

Poul VoltherImage from danishdesignstore.com


12 thoughts on “Poul Volther Chair Out of the Dumpster

    1. right?! that was my first impression, “it’s got grain, yo!”. thanks for the compliment. coming from a skateboardin’ eames fool, it means a lot.

  1. Quick… get me a chair… I need to sit down! I almost passed out from this amazing transformation. Seriously, you know how much I love dumpster diving so I can totally relate to the thrill of finding this. The work your man put into it really paid off. It’s GORGEOUS! I would love to see the look on the face of the person who threw it away. “what was I thinking”

    Gonna have to try that gel stain. I’ve never used it. It looks yummy. Chairs are like shoes. You can never have too many!

    1. right?! the only thing better than scoring an awesome find is scoring and awesome FREE find! with relatively easy fixes. thanks for the compliments, stace. and jordo says that you have to put the gel stain on a little heavier, but it goes on really smoothly, very little mess and he probably won’t use the other again. how’s that for a sales pitch?! πŸ˜‰

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