Shopping for October Dress Project 2013

As a kid 365 days felt like foreeevvverrrrrrrrr. Now, much “wiser”, I whiplash my head cartoon style and wonder where the time went. Welp, another October will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to find a dress for the October Dress Project (ODP)!

A quick cap or recap for those who are new or need a refresh. ODP encourages creativity with your closet while curbing consumerism (how’s that for alliteration?!). For 31 days in October the same dress is worn in rain or shine, at work and at play. The catchall is to change it up with any accessory or article of clothing you already have in your closet.

Last year I rocked a dress I found secondhand for a couple of bucks and now I’m on the hunt for this year’s number!


Many of you expressed an interest (either virtually or personally) in joining me this year. Well, this is your reminder that you only have a handful of days left to find your dress!

Here are a few tips while looking:

1. Look in your closet first. You might already have something that will work.

2. Keep it simple. Paisleys and florescent probably won’t look like a different dress by day 2. I recommend a solid black, blue or brown with simple lines and little fuss.

3. Find a dress you can layer with jeans, leggings, sweaters, blouses, etc.

The rules:

1. Once October 1st hits, no wardrobe shopping is allowed of any kind.

2. You must wear the same dress everyday.

3. Accessorize and layer as much as possible to change up your attire. Be creative! Have fun!

For more on ODP history & tips, visit this site. You can see looks from my last ODP here. Feel free to comment on this post with any questions (or support)!

Good luck to all of you who join! Like last year, I will post a selection of 2013 looks in November. It’ll be here before ya know it!


8 thoughts on “Shopping for October Dress Project 2013

    1. thanks, stacey! only thing is, i feel like i’m going to have the exact same outfits as last year and it hardly seems right to go on a shopping spree for ODP! i’m really gonna have to put on my creative thinking caps for this year šŸ˜€ xoxo

    1. thanks, lady danielle! and it WILL be here soon. life is freaking me out by how fast it’s going lately. but, i hear that’s how it goes… :/ hope you’re well. xo

    1. atta girl! i’m still looking, too! i’m hoping for something in brown, but black is so much easier to find. just a little more than a month to make it happen!!

  1. Very cool project! I am inspired to try it and with the inspiration of Hallowe’en dress-up at the very end of that month to go wild with (albeit with second-hand goods), I might just be able to swing it. I have to check the link but I wonder if there’s a way to do this and also contribute donations to charity for doing it?

    1. that’s a good question, christine! i am not sure, but i bet you could cook up your own scheme to honor some great org and get a really good thing goin’. let me know if anything works out – it’s an awesome idea!!

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