The Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus

Sunday was supposed to be terrarium day. My husband and I went out and got all the materials we needed to build one in an old 5 gallon water jug. We made it through all the layering until the last layer – the plants – and realized what we had purchased was way too tall for their new home (we should have known better – I mean, look at these suckers!). Blast.


We recovered quickly and spent the afternoon planting the too-tall-plants in pots that needed to be filled anyway. We also had a couple of other plants that needed a new home, too, so we took care of those as well.

The green and yellow plant, Croton Pictum Batik, matched perfectly with a Frank Moreno pot picked up at an estate sale awhile back. And the Neanthe Bella Palm found its way in an Italian piece of pottery that ended up in our small kitchen (bellissima!).


The other plants included a Peperomia (left) and a Lyrata, or Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus (I just love saying that).


These are our new favorites and so they were housed in a couple of our favorite ceramic beauts from the 1950’s. These were estate sale finds scored for $5 apiece.


This gorgeous California pottery works perfectly with their new roomers.


Our hope is that the, wait for it, Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus grows big and tall indoors. We have very little light inside, but the Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus seems to require little and it just might thrive if placed near a window. We found how to care for the Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus properly in a 1971 issue of Better Homes and Gardens HOUSE PLANTS. Hopefully climate change hasn’t altered the care tips too much…


While we didn’t get the anticipated terrarium job done (that’s for a another day and a different post), we did share some good laughs and got some great new plants added to our repertoire this afternoon.

Have a good week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Fiddleleaf Fig Ficus

  1. oooooo, plants, plants plants! MY FAVORITE! Sorry your terrarium day “wilted”… but the results were still fabulous. LOVE the croton in that pot. It’s like they were made for each other – true love! And the other pottery (green and blue) are knock outs.

    The fiddle leaf fig has been on my list for quite a while. I NEVER see them in nurseries and the other day ran into Home Depot of all places and they had 6 feet tall ones. They were gorgeous! I was getting paint so I think Richie would have killed me if I came home carrying a 6 foot plant. I will get one, though… and this made me sure that it will happen. Yours is so pretty!

    The best part is you had fun together doing something that you’ll both enjoy every day. Plants make life better. So does having a partner to giggle and get dirty with. (as in soil dirty… but the other works too!) xo

    1. i knew you’d love these puppies, stacey! yay for plants! we’ve been wanting a fiddleleaf for a long time, too. we’d prefer a tall one, but they areso damn expensive! plus, we’d like to see if we can “raise” this kid to be an adult on our own. we’re pretty good with plants, but this is like a whole other level!
      i can see you with a 6 footer now. reminds me of the “i love lucy” episode where fred mertz keeps walking back and forth on stage behind ethel and each time he’s holding a larger potted ficus. ha! what i mean to say is, you’d provide some excellent comedic relief 😀
      can’t wait to see what you’re paintin’! xo

  2. Love the California pottery! I would’ve definitely snatched those up at an estate sale. Sorry things didn’t work out the way you planned, but looking forward to reading about the terrarium down the road.

    1. thanks, danielle! i think the pottery is amazoid too. i love the colors.
      looking forward to getting the terrarium right, too. i hate “half projects” that just sit around in some state of semi completion. hopefully this won’t be one of those. it’s not like we need a jug o’ dirt lyin’ around! sort of like an unpainted door molding 😀

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