Rummaged Wedding-Party Threads

A couple of weeks ago my husband was in a wedding with a group of guys that have been best friends since childhood. Prior to the Big Day we were told by the beautiful bride-to-be that all of the groomsmen could wear their own suits as long as they were grey. Same for the shoes, in either brown or black. The wedding was a three day affair and about 2 hours away, so coming up with his own attire made our pocketbooks all the merrier. We got this!

About 3 weeks before the wedding, we hit up a rummage sale. We arrived towards the end of the sale and the place was pretty well picked over. But, then himself found the suits, pulled out two grey numbers within the wedding palette and tried the coat of the one we liked best. It fit perfectly and $5 later it was riding home with us in the car.


Then my groomsman estated himself a pair of never-been-worn 1960’s (ish) Jarman dress shoes in his size and in brown. Okay, they were a bit narrow, but aesthetics and cost first, people. Ten bucks.


All the gents looked great in their variations of grey and my man looked like he spent a pretty penny on his threads.


We had a blast of a weekend, escaped some of the heat at the beach and did it all on a dime…win-win. And I’m pretty sure I was the only one at the beach unsunning.



9 thoughts on “Rummaged Wedding-Party Threads

  1. Dapper husband you’ve got there! Dapper and frugal. WHAT A CATCH. (Hi Jordan). Richie is exactly the same way. If he can find it in a thrift store it’s ON! Honestly your man looks better… he’s standing out and owning that suit. But I cannot tell a lie, what’s not to love about a group of hot guys all together. Sorry, i’m a pig!

    And now lets get to the gorgeous wife. You look so pretty and I love your dress. Or at least the peek of it. Such a lovely picture of the two of you. I know you rarely show pictures of yourselves so it’s a real treat for me. 🙂

    You just keep that umbrella open, lady. When you’re sixty you’ll look 40 with skin like buttah. The sun is BAAAAAD! I’m not a sun worshipper either. It looks like it may have saved you from a little seagull poop, too. So it’s good all the way around. (kidding!)

    1. lol this entire reply made me crack a new one. i can totally see richie would be that way. there is very little j. owns that is new (tshirts, boxers, converse shoes an exception) and he loves a good bargain. if we only lived closer, they could go out and shop and we could drink wine, make wise cracks and i could watch you bust up a wall. ha.
      the dress: i rarely buy or wear anything new either, but this little number i got off of modcloth. super comfy and swishy! and jordan hates this post btw. “people will seeeeee meeeee!”
      thank god for that sunbrella. i’m terrified of the sun (and so is my skin). and i totally fear bird poop! i actually turned to jordo on the beach during a questionable bird shit moment and said: SEE! I’M COVERED!! 😀
      love you, friend.

      1. Tell Jordan not to be so shy! You’ve heard the expression “You have a face for radio”… Well, you both have a face for TV (or the internet in this case). Let us see you! So we can all feel bad that we don’t look so good. (and so stylish) ha ha ha!

        As for the clothes.. We are actually trying to sell over 350 vintage shirts, pants, suits, and shoes. OH MY GOSH. Richie has picked up so much vintage stuff over the years that I’ve threatened his life. It’s just stacked to the ceiling and he needs to get rid of them. If you know of a place in your neck of the woods that buys vintage clothing… let me know.. THANKS!

    1. thank you so much! and what a treat to see your blog and vintage finds. you have some amazing threads!! wish we could share 😉

  2. Wow… you guys always look so stylish! The suit and shoes are amazing; you’d never know he didn’t pay top dollar for both. Please tell me some day you guys will open your own vintage store. It would be filled with all the coolest stuff!

    1. danielle! your lips to god’s ears. wouldn’t that be the bees knees?! i’d LOVE to have my own shop o’ stuff. if we ever do, you’re on the grand opening private party invitation list! 🙂 thanks so much, girlie. xoxox

    1. thanks, nicole! we did kinda score! and just in time 🙂 thanks for your sweet comment. here’s to picking up deals left and right 😉

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