Rattan Egg Chair

My husband remembers photographs of a rattan egg chair swinging from an olive tree at his grandma’s house during the 1960’s. The swing was no longer around by the time my husband was born and he has always thought how cool it would be to have one of our own.


We haven’t been able to scare up those photos, but he did manage to find himself at an “everything must go” estate sale with several vintage treasures for sale. One such treasure was a 1960’s swinging rattan egg chair. You can just guess what came home with him that day…


It’s definitely weathered and has seen brighter days, but it is sturdy yet and the nostalgic image of his grandma’s backyard encouraged my guy to give this chair a new life.rattanWideIt may not be swinging from grandma’s olive tree, but it looks great hanging on our porch! And it’s perfect for the impending Summer evenings.

eggrattanchair(I feel a little like Dr. Seuss’ Mayzie Bird sittin’ in this chair!)


12 thoughts on “Rattan Egg Chair

  1. Oh My Gosh… you look like a high-fashion model on a photo shoot! You and the swing are just so fabulous!!!!

    My best friend lived 4 houses down from me growing up and she had this exact swing in her bedroom. It was awesome and every time I see one I remember the hours and hours of uncontrollable laughter coming from that room. The swing was always a go to for me. So fun!

    Great find. So glad he didn’t pass it up. Not only for the memories but for his sweet wife to relax in. 🙂 LOVE IT!

    1. oh yay!! i’ve never wanted to be a high-fashion model, but i’ve always wanted to LOOK like one, ha! thanks, stacey! and i’ve never thought of hanging one of these puppies inside! i bet that would look awesome. especially in a greenhouse or anywhere with lots of greenery. how fun that both you and jordan have fond memories that involve this swing! do you still keep in touch with that friend?
      glad ol’ jordo didn’t pass it up either! it’s so much fun to “swish” in. 😀
      hope you’re having a great week, stace!

  2. Swing-ety Swoon! What a sweet spot – I love that you dressed for the photo shoot in egg tones 🙂

    Digging the lamp nearby and the pretty plants too – is that a kitty I see slinking underneath? 🙂

    1. swing-ety SWOON!! HAHA. you must be a writer 😉 and i hadn’t even noticed, but i guess i am equally yoked with that chair. HA! (how’m i doin’?).
      i love that you picked out the lamp and plants. thanks for complimenting the space. it’s not a big area, but it’s been fun to tweak with it over the years. and, yes! that’s kitty saki slinking underneath. 😉

    1. thank YOU, vintageattitude, for “swinging” by! 🙂 they sure don’t make them like they used to, eh?! glad you like it. thanks for the compliments!

  3. I would win Mother of the Year if I came across something like this for my daughter. It’s still her wish to have a hanging egg chair for her room.

    The rattan looks amazing on your porch and I agree with Stacey, you look like a high-fashion model on a photo shoot. So fun!

    1. and one of these would look so cute in your daughter’s room. the hunt must continue! and that award is still up for grabs 😉
      ha, you and stacey are so cute. i guess the trick is the swing! i could market myself as a rattan swing model. thanks, danielle! xo 😀

    1. ha! thanks, B&B! those shoes, albeit cheepies, are totally comfy and LOUD! 😀 glad you approve. and the swing is very relaxing, especially when a cool breeze picks up 😉

    1. omg. we would share all the time!!!! but, wait. you’re like half the foot i am!!! no fair!! 😉
      love you, too, mandy. xoxo

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