Old Refurbished Tiki Torches

Last week Mr. Scavenger came home with a unique find of three aluminum tiki torches. They’re definitely old and their innards were rusted and gooped over. My husband recently stocked up on a gallon of Metal Rescue to clean out the gas tank of his ’81 Honda Passport, so we were ready for operation restore!


To clean out the first chunky layer he took a handful of vintage BB’s, a little of the solution and shook violently for about 1 minute before dumping out the gunky contents.


Round two of Metal Rescue was poured and left to soak for a solid 24 hours.


After a good rinse came a good buffer to get a little sheen back before they get weathered again.


Now this ammo-like yard decor didn’t come with stakes. We had some old dowels from my husband’s curtain-rod-bachelor days, but they were a little too thick, so we scored some old broom handles that my father-in-law had been saving up (for such a time as this). They were sanded and filed down to a point and stained a shade of green we seem to stain everything these days.


They fit, but were a smidgen loose at the top. One layer of string made for a snug fit.


We found a small stash of unused wick at home and purchased the oil before driving them into the ground.



It hit 102 this weekend and these made the necessary outdoor dining all the more enjoyable. For less than $25 total cost, we’re pretty stoked with the outcome of these broom handled torches.






19 thoughts on “Old Refurbished Tiki Torches

      1. oops. trigger figger…anyway, as i was saying, shelby had a few curse words for me this morning, so i knew we’d done something right 😉

  1. AHHHHH MAZING! These are so beautiful. I can’t believe how good they look. I just love stuff like this. They just don’t make things like they use to and seeing these come back to life really “lights my fire”! Seeing them all lined up and lit in the yard makes me want to put them all over my backyard. Looks like a paradise far-far-away. LOVE THIS! You guys find the best stuff. Totally inspiring!

    1. they sure don’t make things like they used to, stacey….TO LAST!! i love that about “old” stuff, too. seeing the finished product, i wish there had been more like 10 of them! but this is lovely, too. glad you are inspired and that these come stacey approved! here’s to a GREAT week. xo

      1. thank you! yes, i think this will be perfect for “summer budget dating!” 😉

  2. I love it! Good job restoring these, I wouldn’t have known the first thing about how to clean these bad boys up.

    1. thanks, beth! i’m glad you love them, too! if i had only had them for my wedding 😀 and i mostly watched as jordan worked his magic 😉

    1. *humbly takes a bow* (though i owe all that to jordan, but sshhhhh 😉 glad you like them, j!

      and, yeah, 102 ain’t no joke! what will august be like?! O_o

    1. thanks, alex!! glad you like them, you have good style 😉
      and my reader has been playing tricks on me, too. frustrating!

    1. thanks, danielle! they make me happy, too. and you’re right, it is great when things find their way into the hands of people who appreciate them. glad you like them!!

    1. thanks so much, mandy! i’m glad you like them. they are so festive and i love their unique shape, too. glad you approve! 🙂

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