Adrian Pearsall Chairs Reupholstered

* Since writing this post we have discovered that the one and only Adrian Pearsall designed these beauties!!!


It’s probably time to do a little thinning out…but here we are – another week and another two chairs crowded. It’s ridiculous.

Mi esposo found himself, as he claims, at his kind of estate sale a couple weekends ago and uncovered a sleek looking chair for a price that cost less than a latte. Then he saw a buyer with its twin, offered him a quasi-reasonable sum and promptly got denied. This did not deter my little stalker opportunist. He later followed the fella out and negotiated a slightly more reasonable sum and, WAM BAM THANK YOU, MAAM! The second chair was ours. So, he practically stole the first, groveled with quite a bit more for the second, and still made out like a bandit between the two.


The chairs give off every impression of Danish Modern, but are unmarked (save for an Oil Walnut marking on the Latex Foam warning label). They are in primo condition with the exception of the upholstery on one of the chairs (that latex done foamed!).

chair details

Now, I know several of you out there reupholster like nobody’s business, but our days seem to run at 18 rather than 24 this season, which is a somewhat masked excuse for saying we’re not nearly skilled enough to practice on a couple of beauts like these. So we got some help from the professionals at E & L A1 Upholstery, a little joint not too far from home.


They did an amazing job. I love the green fabric against the rich wood and how it brightened the pieces overall. Plus, like most furniture of this era and style, they are ergonomically comfortable and I could sit it one just about all day!


So – where to put them? While finding a good place for them is an okay “problem” to have, our new Conant Ball chairs may have just found themselves on the selling block.

chair collage


15 thoughts on “Adrian Pearsall Chairs Reupholstered

  1. lovely chairs 🙂 good job in getting them with you! I once found some old armchairs just dropped on the street outside with other random bits in an expensive area – reupholstered and still having them, so comfortable and nice wood

    1. thanks, judith! those are the best kind of finds, aren’t they?! someone gets tired of something or they think it’s broken and you come along and find a free and awesome treasure! sounds like we both have good chair karma on our side 😀

  2. I keep saying the same old shit, but man, what else is there to say to these posts? You guys have a fricken gift, man. Beautiful work.

    1. thanks, josh! and your good taste would know! now if we could just work on a house together…. 😀 miss you. can’t wait to see a progress report on what hard work you guys have been up to.

  3. WOW! These turned out amazing! Great choice on the fabric too. I’m loving the green. It’s so great that you got both of them instead of just one. Good job on being persistent with the other buyer. Richie did that with a Nelson Bench once and I’m so glad to have that piece. Always worth it to pay a little more and get what you want. The wood is beautiful, too!

    1. thanks, stace! to quote my grandma’s life motto “all they can do is say no!”. sounds like richie and jordan are livers of that motto too 😉 thanks for the compliment. i just love the shape of these things. almost to the end of april, hang in there! (of course i don’t know if things calm for you in may or not, just sayin’… 🙂 )

    1. teeeheeeehheeeeee! that really made me LOL, danielle 😉
      glad you like them! now they just need a table with a runner! thanks!!

    1. thanks, PP! i love the fabric, too. i’m a sucker for that shade of green in general! we can’t take the credit for doing it ourselves like you can on your headboard, but we probably wouldn’t get any credit if we had tried, ha! 😀

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