1981 Honda Passport

Here’s a quick, impromptu post about the Mr.’s rad find today. He was out doing his usual estate sale run when a 1981 Honda Passport caught the corner of his eye. He circled the block to inquire with the owner and, before long, he was circling back with it!

honda passport

This C70 is in near mint condition with only 804 original miles. We’re hoping to salvage the tires, but that’s probably a crap shoot. It also needs fluids, a new battery, spark plugs and a good cleaning as it hasn’t been driven since 1998.


As soon as we got home the husband and the bike disappeared – he just couldn’t wait to tinker! We don’t have any parts on hand, so that meant scrubbing, which he did with vim and vigor.


The gas tank will have to be cleaned out, but once all these parts are in place, we’re taking this puppy for a joy ride!

Found this fab ad. Nothin’ like an ’80’s yuppie marketing a moped.

Picture 21


12 thoughts on “1981 Honda Passport

    1. hey miss spoolish! glad you approve. we snatched this up for a mere $200! it looks like beat up versions are going for $600-1,000. i know my husband wants to keep it, but i’m not a big advocate of motorbikes. too many friends in terrible accidents. we’ll see…. either way, shouldn’t cost us too much to take it for a spin!

    1. nope, they weren’t for sale. HA! he just asked the gent on a whim. he also walked away with 2 midcentury rattan stools that are pretty dope too. got the pair for a twenty spot. )

    1. the ad is a riot. and i totally agree with you – it’s such a fun surprise to come home with something unique that you had no idea awaited you at the start of your day. thanks for your comment! i’m off to your blog to see what judith is all about 🙂

      1. Yes, that’s exactly the feeling – a mix of excitement, awe-like and happiness for the new special trove 🙂 I just love those moments.. plus, we recycle and preserve things, rather than buying new items. Win-win sit!

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