Vintage Threads

Those of you that have been with me awhile know my marriage came with a personal shopper. And, just in time for Easter, my man came home with two vintage finds: an adorable gingham blouse that looks like it’s been in hiding for the last 5+ decades and green, Kate Collins cardigan that he thought might accompany the former well.

missing button

I did what I knew not to do and washed the damn thing in a machine. One of the crystals popped out of the top button (see above photo) and wasn’t to be found anywhere. Not to fear though, friends! I went to my vintage button box and snagged a spare. I also gave the sweater seams on each shoulder a few stitches and I was ready with a $6 thrift store find for Good Friday.

final look

(Tangent: Those vintage green specs ended up as an unintentional (albeit badass) accessory to my ensemble. They are Cool-ray Supper Club glasses and I have absolutely no idea what that means. They were purchased at an estate sale several years back and I wear them around the house when I feel the need to be especially creative. As a kid I wore glasses, but my far-sightedness has only improved with age and now I don’t need them. This doesn’t stop me from wearing these lens-less gals all-the-time. Incidentally, my near-sighted hubs has to wear specs 100% of the time if he knows what’s good for him. He also has his own pair of visionary vintage specs that he wears on several occasions at home. He simply puts his on, hands me mine and says * “for better hallway vision”. And then we know it’s time to get to work. It’s good we get each other.)

* “For better hallway vision” is a quote from John Hughes’ “The Breakfast Club” 🙂


8 thoughts on “Vintage Threads

  1. Must be nice to have a personal shopper with such good taste! LOVE THIS little ensemble! The shirt is adorable and paired with your hipster glasses… makes me worship your style! Love the green cardigan too. I think I wear a cardigan every single day (it’s so cold in my office). Honestly… you can’t have too many of those. You look fabulous… but don’t you always.

    Richie tries to bring stuff home for me but it’s always WAY too small. I think the man believes I’m a dwarf… and I’m 5’11 so it never quite works out. I have to take it as a compliment. He obviously thinks I’m way more petite than I really am. (sweet husband!)

    Good to hear from you! Love the vintage finds!

    1. so seeeeeeee. this is where i could really use things to my advantage: a husband shopper and the husband of a friend shopper. eh?!?!?! 😉 that’s so cute that richie still comes home with stuff for you though! i would say jordan’s about 86% accurate, both in style and fit. not a bad percentage.
      and i totally concur, you can never have too many cardigans. my office is freezing most of the time, too. plus i love, love, love to layer!
      thanks for stopping by and for your compliments, stacey! i hope you’ve been well and back into the swing of things after spring break. can’t wait to see how your workout room is progressing! xo

  2. That ensemble is too cute and in my favorite color combo! Must be so nice to have a personal shopper.

    And I like the specs as well. Though I am jelly of your good vision, (I am blind as a bat) 🙂

    1. it IS a great color combo! and probably goes great with your hair 🙂
      and you may be blind as a bat, but you could have cool shades (silver lining) out in public!! 😀
      thanks for stopping by! hope you and the growing family are doing well.

  3. I have to tell you I’ve been saving this post in my reader until I could come by and comment. I so love everything about this look. The gingham, the buttons, the green (hello Pantone color of 2013!)… But my favorite is that your husband brought this ensemble home for you. The man has such a great eye!

    Actually, that part was my favorite until I got to the part about the glasses. “For better hallway vision” is the best! I just bought the movie to watch with my teenagers and now I’m afraid they won’t like it. But it’s so brilliant, maybe I’ll just have to revisit it on my own.

    PS. This would be a wonderful “Favorite Find”. 🙂

    1. ha! thanks, danielle! so glad you approve of the look! gingham is hit or miss for me. i mean, i love it, but can sometimes make me look like im 12. this has the right air of sophistication about i think!
      and you’re the only one to comment on the breakfast club quote. kudos on buying it for your kids. i can’t wait to hear if it holds up for them as it did for our generation. “you mess with the bull, you get the horns!” ha. i could quote that film all day long.
      and thanks for the “favorite find” reinforcement. i was still a little foggy! 😀

    1. hello and thank you from across the pond! i’m glad you approve. i love that color combo, too, especially for this time of year (though i hear it’s not quite spring in your neck of the woods yet 😉 ) thanks for your compliment!

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