A Conant Ball Kind of Day

There’s nothing like a mid-week pick-me-up and my husband picked up two…well, three!

conant chairs

He nabbed a pair of Conant Ball dining chairs on the cheap at a nearby thrift store. We’re unsure who designed them since Russel Wright does not appear with the branding, but I’ll take them just the same! I love how the cushions are affixed to the chair for an extra sleek look (and none of that annoying sliding around when you sit!). I would have preferred a fabric in olive green, but now I’m just being picky.

Then, as if those beauts weren’t enough, he scored this lamp…thing. I love the design and colors of this retro piece made of metal mesh and fiberglass.


This week is looking up!

chair collage


5 thoughts on “A Conant Ball Kind of Day

  1. Hey Guys! I promised Richie I wouldn’t get online during Spring Break but he’s out buying Tequila for margaritas… so I HAD to quickly comment. (I’m so bad!) He’ll never know. 🙂

    LOVE THE CHAIRS! Major score you guys. They are so awesome. Love how the backs have such a lovely wrap around/arch to them and I’m with you all the way on seats that don’t move. A cushion half on my rear and half off is just sloppy.

    The lamp is super cool too. I’ve never seen anything like it. It goes so well with the color of the walls. Great nook you have there. I’d love to stop by for some coffee and a chat!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. haHA! closet computer dweller! thanks for finding me, my friend! i love that richie is out tequila shopping! sounds like an excellent bevvy for spring break. have a decent sized sip for me!
      we’ve never seen a lamp quite like that either. we’re still not quite sure where it should go yet 🙂
      thanks for the shout out, stace. have an excellent weekend. xo

  2. Wow… What great finds! They look in amazing condition. On a side note… I love the photos you used in this post too. Very cool lighting and color combo. Totally compliments your new pieces.

    1. thanks, danielle! we were pretty surprised at how flawless they are too. the cushions are virtually intact. their previous owners must have taken good care of them for us 🙂
      thanks for the photo compliment, too! i always have such a difficult time against that green wall, which looks like a different color photographed!
      have a great weekend, friend!

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