From Sari To Scarf

scarf banner

Today’s repurposed post is brought to you in part by the ladies of a fair trade cooperative in northwestern India. These artisans work together in a group called Vishwakarma (see two of the beautiful artisans pictured from Handmade Expressions’ website below), and they supply Ten Thousand Villages with beautifully handmade totes and cushions crafted from textile scraps (they win the honorary Scrap And Salvage award!).


Their last shipment of totes was packaged in pillowcase-like packaging made of recycled saris. The “packaging” was just too stunning to toss aside so I divvied out the cases to some of the other volunteers at our non-profit store and selected a case for myself. The colors are what caught my eye on this number. I love that shade of turquoise! It also has a pretty little decorative sequins pattern sewn on one end.

sari caseI simply ripped the seams of the case apart, giving me several feet of fabric to play with. I then removed the tiny velcro tabs, gave the frayed edges a little trim and presto! I have a lovely scarf to dress up or down.

finished look

It’s certainly a conversation piece if not a show stopper. Once sari turned packaging turned into everyday accessory. I only hope I’m around when the next shipment arrives! 😉


8 thoughts on “From Sari To Scarf

  1. Way to go you little fashionista! Amazing to think that this was the packaging! Seriously beautiful. The ladies pictured look so lovely. Richie and I attend the India fest every year and I love seeing all the beautiful saris wrapped around these proud ladies. It’s one of my favorite events. The dancing is crazy fun too! This will look so pretty on you with your hair color and fabulous style. Loving it!

    1. thanks stace! i want to go with you and richie to the india fest!! that sounds like the best party EVER. great food?! i’m going to an indonesian festival in a couple weeks (never been).
      thanks for the compliment, lady! it’s my new favorite accessory!
      have the best day xo

      1. THE FOOD IS AWESOME! I didn’t even mention the food but yes, it might even overshadow the gorgeous Indian garb. I have a post about our last outing to the festival but the pictures are awful and I never did it. Maybe I should. I even got a henna tattoo which I minutes later smudged with my bracelet and it left a big inkblot all across my hand and arm. (only me!)
        You’ll have a great time, T! That sounds like a blast. Good to hear from you!

      2. post it, woman!!! i’ve heard my last when “bad pictures” or “not worth posting” come from you, lady. 😉 xo

    1. thanks, danielle! and it was so easy, too. and you’re right, it’s perfect for spring!!! lovely to hear from you. hope you are doing well. xo

  2. Brilliant upcycle (or recycle or crosscycle, since it served a great purpose to start with). And I love it paired with that green sweater…Virtual high five 🙂 (Strangely, though, your model seems to have “lost her head” hee hee)

    1. thank you! ha! yes, both model and i have lost our heads this week, this much i know!! 😉
      thanks for stopping by! now off to read yours, which just hit my reader!! xo

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