My Glass Menagerie

“How beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken.” – Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie


I’ve loved the idea of having a glass menagerie ever since I read Tennessee Williams’ play as a kid. They are such beautiful, nostalgic little creatures (and so is the play!).

And now, thanks to mi amor, I have my very own little collection! Himself found these gems at a thrift store. There were other critters, but the attendant wouldn’t let him buy all of them (uh, what the hell? So weird!!). So he picked out his favorites and called it a day. I think he should go back incognito and pick up the rest!

The ornaments are adorable. The little yellow frog is my favorite and their overall condition is impeccable considering their age. But, of course (and as Williams’ aforementioned line suggests) just like that- *snap!* the tip of the mustached cat’s tail broke off en route home. C’est la vie.



Now we just need the perfect curio cabinet to display them. Adding that to the “honey-get” list!

“For nowadays the world is lit by lightning! Blow out your candles, Laura — and so goodbye…”

The greats: John Malkovich, Karen Allen & Joanne Woodward in Paul Newman’s production


6 thoughts on “My Glass Menagerie

  1. These are so beautiful! Are you just staring at them non-stop? I too love the frog ( chubby little jumper ). Now all you need is a cabinet… Maybe a vintage medicine one? Oh man those would look great all lit up!

    So strange that she wouldn’t let him buy all of them. People are weird as hell. It’s almost like she knew how much he wanted them and decided to be difficult and watch him suffer. SO MEAN! J needs to put some of your tangerine tights over his head and go steal them. Hahaha… Of course leave money on the counter. (lol)

    Fun and pretty. Love them.

    1. bwahhhahahahah! funny image thinking of jordan with those orange tights over his head! alas, he went back this afternoon on his way home and they are gonseville 😦 oh well. this is a nice start. and, you’re right in guessing, i can’t stop looking at the shiny bits of glass 😀 thanks, stace!
      oh, ps, yes, i know just the perfect cabinet to house them in! if it only it didn’t reside in TX…

  2. Hello! These are too cute! Forget curio cabinet – I think you should put them on their own little stage and they can act out their own play…The photos of them are great, as always, btw.

    Funny they wouldn’t let him get them all?? Either A) shopkeeper wanted them for him/her self or B) he/she isn’t interested in turning a profit. Strange indeed.

    1. why hellloooooooo there, j! so good to hear from you!
      thanks for your approval on the glass figurines. and i’m gathering point A is what was going on there 😉
      i hope you and your little family are transitioning well into 2013. i look forward to a post soon whenever the dust settles a bit. xo

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