A Touch of Tangerine

Okaaaaay, so the thrill of a new year dwindled a bit for me this week and I found myself feeling a little blah (and eating more dark chocolate than absolutely necessary). Seeing how quickly Monday was on its way (and that I needed to curb the chocolate), I decided to take a little preparatory pick-me-up into my own hands.

I started out with this number, a blouse my husband found for me a few seasons ago at a Good Will thrift shop.

boring before

I added a vintage teal button from my stash to give it a little more pizazz, but to be honest white just isn’t my “color”. I pretty much lack pigment to begin with and disappearing in wardrobe isn’t exactly my fashion quest.

Along with a pair of white cable tights my little sister-in-law gifted to me, I threw the blouse in a bucket of hot water, Rit Tangerine dye and salt. A few stirs and an hour later I had a much peppier combo.

awesome after

I’m in-love with the stitching detail that stayed white!

Paired with my favorite teal sweater, my new bright tights and jeans (a skirt might make me resemble Big Bird in a non-endearing way since both dye jobs are exactly the same color), I’m almost ready to get back into the work week (Courage, people. This is what we do!)



10 thoughts on “A Touch of Tangerine

    1. you re-dyed your black clothing black??? i’ve never done that before! would totally help some of those faded numbers.
      and i mourn your not getting the orange rain boots, too. when in doubt, ALWAYS get the orange rain boots 🙂

  1. Orange you glad you did this! I LOVE IT. At first I thought maybe you did the extra stitches. How fun that they just didn’t dye… What a treat! You couldn’t even see them on the white one.

    You’re so brave to do this. I’m always nervous to play with dyes but apparently I need to get RIT of that fear and color my world.
    You rock in your little orange tights. (cute shoes)

    1. thanks, stacey! i’m feeling good vibes about going to work tomorrow and starting the week off right. plus, the dye cost me more than the shirt, so i figured the risk was minimal.
      and you made me LOL. you totally need to get RIT of your fear of dyeing (ha!) and get yourself a clothing project! double dog dare you. put on a little neutral milk hotel and have at it 😉

    1. ohhh, you should totally try, danielle! it’s the best way to get two outfits out of one (once you’re tired of the other). think of it as painting ;)…or not. ha! thanks, danielle!!

    1. thanks, my dear!!!! totally helped my monday last week. today’s monday wasn’t nearly as fun. 😉 thanks for becoming a follower of the blog! love you!

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