Trimming the Christmas Root

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, my favorite time of the year! Of course it’s still spring-warm here, but I’ve got Nat King Cole’s Christmas album blaring on vinyl and a hot cuppa cuppa to sip anyway!

My other half and I aren’t going to be home for the Holidays this year (we’re off to England to visit my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews!!!!!), but we still want to deck our halls in the spirit of the season without plunking money down for a tree we won’t be around long enough to fully enjoy. So we came up with something different this year….

First, let’s back up to last December when a high powered wind storm brought down a hundred year old oak tree out in front of the house we live in. It came down and took everything out in its path. So sad! Here’s my main man standing on one of its branches.

Fast forward to August when we threw a going away party for my sister’s family-move to England. My husband took a portion of the oak’s root system, turned it upside down and nailed it to a piece of scrap. Accented with bougainvillaea petals, it made a unique money tree!

Present day and the tree is still giving. We cleared off an old trunk and used that to place our “tree” on top of. It took us a little while to figure out just what to do, but we finely found our groove and went with a theme inspired by Mother Nature.

We strung it with lights (could have used 100-strand instead of 50), shaped some moss around the root tips – bonsai style, added an array of cherry and pear ornaments and came up with a festive tree that we can recycle yet again. The photos don’t do this dreamy display justice (the wide shot looks especially sparse in comparison to reality). I’m in love with it!

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah (we celebrate both) and other festivities to you all.


14 thoughts on “Trimming the Christmas Root

    1. thanks, b! i had a feeling you’d like this. happy chanukah and merry christmas to you. can’t wait to see your decorations!

  1. Awesome! I think you should re-write the 12 Days of Christmas in honor of this tree – you have your pear (tree), but you ALSO have moss and cherries. And that is a beautiful thing – way to make something stylish and romantic out of that tree tragedy. πŸ™‚ Love it!

    1. thanks, jaocelyn! and you’re right, it is a romantic tree tragedy! and now i have 12 days of christmas stuck in my head (that’s not a bad thing). gonna try to do some musical arrangements in my head ;D

  2. OFF TO ENGLAND!!! HOW EXCITING!!! I know you really miss your sissy so I’m sure it can’t come fast enough. Oh man, you better take lots of pictures and share with us. I’m so happy you’re going. And you won’t really need to pack much because I know you can wear the same dress 30 different ways and look amazing. (giggle)

    As for the tree…. you two are so creative and fun. I swear this just says “YOU” in so many ways. Not only is it beautiful in it’s weird and wonderful way… just as much of nature is, but it serves a purpose and tells a story. That is so perfect to me.

    Last year I didn’t want to put up a tree so I did something similar with a dead branch and spray painted it white. It was nothing THIS awesome… but I really enjoyed having something unexpected. This is beautiful, T.

    Love your tree and the way your pretty little brain works. I agree with Jocelyn. The “Christmas Root” should become some kind of tradition for the holiday books! WONDERFUL! xo

    1. lots of pictures and virtual tours for all of you indeed! i am so excited. christmas in england!!
      glad you think the tree looks like us. it looked like shite when we got started, but finally worked it into something fun. it could use a painted rock ornament or two though! πŸ˜‰
      i LOVE your white branch. i never would have thought of painting it white and it gives it such a wintry and festive flair, like the happy parts of narnia. and i love the starbusts and red accents. it’s perfect in a very goode way. can’t wait to see what you have in store this year.
      thank you, stacey! xo back atcha.

    1. thanks, alex! i’m sure we’ll have a great time and take some photos so you can have a virtual vacation after we’re back πŸ˜‰ i’ll say to the UK for ya. glad you like the tree. i love seeing your holiday additions. keep ’em coming!

  3. This is a seriously cool idea!! It’s totally festive and perfect with your upcoming trip. Plus a big ole Christmas tree vs. a trip (to England!!) to see family… there’s no contest. Have an amazing holiday!

    1. thanks so much, danielle! and thanks for the travel well wishes! here’s to finishing up 2012 well. happy holidays to you and your lovely fam!

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