Planter Bigger Than a Bread Box

We’ve got some pretty rad vintage planters in our collection, all found for free or scavenged for dirt cheap. Rarely does my hubbins score a cool planter bigger than a bread box though – until last week.

He had eyed the 2 foot creation for a couple days at a job site he had been working on and, adopting my grandma’s life motto of “all they can do is say no”, asked the elderly homeowner if she was interested in getting rid of it. She told him that she had had it for a very long time and that he could take it as long as we thought of her when we looked at and admired it among the rest of our plants. Lady, you are sweet, generous and we’ll appreciate you every time we look at this happy yellow bit of history!

We transplanted a Money Tree that my in-laws gave to us last wedding anniversary. I think this gal will thrive in her new home.

Thankful for generous strangers and readers like you this Thanksgiving week.


10 thoughts on “Planter Bigger Than a Bread Box

    1. thanks, alex! it is bright and sunny. i know elsewhere it probably seems out of place, but it’s like in the low 80’s and ridiculous in SoCal, ha! hope you’re well.

  1. SHOW ME THE MONEY (tree) πŸ™‚

    I love the lady’s reaction – now you KNOW with her on your side, and in your thoughts that the money tree is going to bring you lots of luck! Especially in that funky planter.

    I like the cat pic too, but I’d also like to see a loaf of bread in there for even more perspective. (Or maybe I just have a weird thing for bread and go a little berserk when it gets mentioned.) πŸ™‚

    1. BLAST! i thought the cat was good for perspective, bread loaf would have brought it all home. opportunity dashed. plus, yes, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! πŸ˜‰ happy thanksgiving to you!!

    1. why thank you, danielle! it is rather bright and cheery! perfect for our 80 degree weather πŸ˜‰ and lets hope that money tree flourishes, both figuratively and literally!!

  2. I love that the you planted a money tree in a planter that didn’t cost a thing. You’re awesome, babe! And so is that pot.
    You know how I feel about this find…. a total score and something you squeal under your breath about every time you walk by it. THEY ARE HARD TO FIND! And if you do, they cost a fortune.

    The best part is the kindness of a stranger. To just give you that has to be that she felt something special and good in your guy. She knew it would be used and loved. People can be so good!

    I just love how cats have to check out and approve everything new that comes around. STAMP – “CAT APPROVED”! What a sweetie. (great picture, T!)

    P.S. I know how you feel… it’s in the mid 70’s almost 80’s here too and I’ve been working in the yard. NOT out of place at all… at least not for us Texas girls. (RE: Reply to Alex) xo

    1. yay, cat and stacey’s stamp of approval!! and i think you’re right, that woman must have liked J or she wouldn’t have given it up so readily. and it’s fun to know we have similar weather temps. it’s great for working on those projects, but i do look forward to busting out the layers more. at least it dips down at night a little.
      oh, and i didn’t even think about the money tree planted in something for free. that’s either good karma or i need to pay something forward to somebody else…maybe both! love ya!

  3. Sweet find Jordo! That is rad. And I like that you referred to him here as hubbins. Classic.

    And that Walmart advertisement near the end…is that supposed to be ironic?

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