One Wild Hat

Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
Johnny: Whadda got?

Who doesn’t love Marlon Brando, especially as “The Wild One”?!

Awkward segue: thrift stores aren’t exactly great where I live. They used to be, but are now watered down and picked over. However, today I will revert to my Aussie friends more optimistic terminology and say my hubs had a great “op-shop” find today — a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle cap a la Johnny Strabler. It’s in fantastic condition (with some minor vintage wear and tear on the interior rim)…an opportunity indeed!

The black canvas looks as if it has never seen the light of day and kept its rich hue. Perhaps it was the winged wheel logo that made this treasure escape its worth to those that priced it? Regardless, ode to Johnny and his wild ways…


8 thoughts on “One Wild Hat

    1. yeah, that styro model is pretty classy, eh?! would be cool to take the hat for a spin on an old motor bike, right? maybe my jeep will do, ha!

  1. Love the “shock-studded outspoken drama” of this post! You are the best segue-er EVER! And that H.D.Cap is a ‘wild’ find, indeed.
    Harley Davidson is so collectable. (good eye!)

    You are so right…. it’s getting more and more difficult to find the good stuff. Richie and I haven’t found anything in months!!! Great score, guys. Besides, you said you needed more “accessories” for your fabulous outfits. (lol) Come on, T…. I could see you in this cap and a hot pair of tights and some mary janes. I’m sure your hubs would share! šŸ™‚ xo

    1. maybe i shouuuuld sport that puppy! i might just look badass! or like a late halloween costume, HA! it was a lucky find. here’s hoping the thrift goods get better in both our states! i miss reading about your finds! xoxo

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