Antique Table with Hidden Drawer

I’m not really sure what to call this unique little table, but it looks like a good fit for an entryway. Or perhaps it was a card table (Bridge anyone?!). It’s difficult to guess its decade, but 20’s – 40’s seems about right. If anyone else has a more accurate guess, we’d love to know!

Whatever its former use, it came to us by way of a friend of my sister’s mother-in-law who never got around to refurbishing it (I love that she thought of us! Thank you, friend!). She bought it at a yard sale from artist Lew Watanabe, an award winning landscaper and sculptor who had it in his possession for decades. Oh, that this table could tell stories!

We didn’t fully know what condition the table was in when we got it because it had seemingly been stored away for quite awhile and had some water and weather damage. But that made getting it all the more exciting (not exactly knowing what you have!). So we took the usual before photos prior to getting started.

It’s like the designer got so carried away with this piece they said, “no! there must be more!” and added a platform for it. I love it.

Okay, time to get crackin’. So, my other half took to the sander.

Then he took it completely apart for a more thorough restoration. There were some cracks and dings and the drawer needed fixing, but nothing a little gluing and clamping couldn’t fix (and by “little” I mean a lot!).

Though it came to us with an old stain, the wood is actually paint-grade, but we couldn’t envision it that way and so went with a a mixture of Jacobean and a touch of cherry stain. The darker hue covered the darker splotches of imperfect wood.

Then the table was ready to be reassembled, which in theory should have been a whole lot easier than it was. Because the wood had warped so much, each of the 14 pieces really fought against going back in their right places. But, my hubs prevailed and (mostly) won that battle.


12 thoughts on “Antique Table with Hidden Drawer

  1. Nothing wrong with putting something beautiful on a pedestal! You guys did an amazing job refinishing this piece and the stain mixture was perfect. I’m loving those beautiful curvy “s” legs. It’s a really special piece and I’m so happy it found a home with you. Some of my most favorite things were free or given to us!

    1. something(s) beautiful on a pedestal like you and me on a bike!!! πŸ˜‰ thank you for the compliments, stace! this was a beeyotch of a project. mostly because it was in such disrepair and we probably should have let some of it alone. but, it’s such a cool piece. and i’m with you, free and given is the best!!! hope you’ve had a great bday week!

    1. thank you!!! yes, we need to make a point of looking at that desk next time to see what kind of TLC it needs! let’s make that happen….

  2. Beautiful! Nice restoration! That platform at the bottom is great – it’s like the rest of the table is a thespian on stage. But the main question is…what is in the secret drawer?? πŸ™‚

    1. thanks, j! and what’s in the drawer IS the question. i feel like it should be the following: deck of cards, a vintage lighter, a few antiquated coins, a pen, dice and a yellowing love letter or something. ha! thanks for the compliment!

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