The Birds and The Bees

Okay, well not exactly, but this post is about bees! A couple weeks ago I blogged about some amazing cameras my Aunt sent me that belonged to her dad. She also sent a little something else in the package… beehive measuring cups!

They’re totally adorable. My aunt was given these cups several decades ago and kept them in pristine condition. I looked them up (there are a few sets on eBay, though not as nice as mine if I do say so myself)Ā  and found that they were popular in the 1950’s. Some have “Japan” stamped on them, but my set does not. Some have the full company name of Menschik-Goldman Inc. stamped on the bottom, while mine have the abbreviated M-G Inc. instead.

If you have your own set and are curious about further details, ChristianJess gives a nice little rundown on these pieces (scroll down on the link’s comments about three quarters of the way).

I’m bummed that I won’t get to use them since I never measure while cooking, but it’s probably for the best since my goal is to keep them as ship-shape as my Aunt has done over the decades (those bee handles are a bit precariously placed)!

Incidentally (and here’s where the flowers come into play to make my title more effective, though they really have nothing to do with measuring cups), there was a wedding at the house my husband and I live at last night. The wedding party left these beautiful flowers behind and I thought they looked lovely in this Italian vase my hubbins found awhile ago. So, I am sharing them with you!


6 thoughts on “The Birds and The Bees

  1. Those measuring cups are the bees knees! šŸ™‚ I love how, stacked together, they make a pink hive. And the color combo in that vase is GREAT. More points for “your hubbins!”

  2. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. Does look very fifties, and beyond kitschy for the kitchen! Beautiful photos.

  3. HONEY, I’m just BUZZING with excitement over these precious little cups! I’ve never seen anything like them. You have the coolest stuff, woman! I have yet to receive a package full of cool stuff from any of my relatives. wah, wah, wah! (laughing).

    Seriously, it’s wonderful that she shared these with you. Truly unique and special… not just the item, but the person, and the memory. Great that you have them (and the cameras).

    The flowers are GORGEOUS! I love going to the “back” of florists. They throw away the most beautiful flowers and I take them home and make gorgeous arrangements with them. I love having fresh flowers around. A cool vase never hurts, either! Love it.

    1. oh HONEYBEE! i need to scour my local florists!!! do you go at closing time? i’ve never done that. it’s like dumpster diving, but not. i don’t buy flowers because it feels like waste, but this is a whole new level of “salvaging!” woohoooo. thanks for the tip!
      and i think the cups are sweet, too. i had never seen one before i got this set. i need a curio cabinet or somethin’….thanks for the fun idea šŸ™‚

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