Water-cooler Talk

Look at this piece o’ work (and I write that with the utmost respect for this old-school find). My main man nabbed this at a thrift store for a twenty spot.

It’s a Sunroc Water Cooler that doubles as a mini fridge!

I was shocked to find very little (read NO) info on these. I love the color and we have high hopes we can get it working again, even though the electrical wire has been cut.

In addition to the electrical work, it needs a good cleaning and some general TLC. We have an old 5 gallon glass water jug that will work great with it. I’m still a little unsure of how all the pieces fit together. There’s a small hole at the base of the water basin where apparently the water filters through.

I emailed Sunroc to see if they could enlighten me with any historical information, alas, two emails have gone unanswered (thanks a lot, customer service!). Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I know a good find when I see it/when my husband brings it home.


11 thoughts on “Water-cooler Talk

  1. a twenty spot! my word! i reckon an electrical engineer / refrigeration guy could get it going again. it’s a FABULOUS colour. and shape. i can see the whole kitchen designed around it.

    1. oh, me too, edwina!!! put the orange scale nearby and we’re good to go! 😉 i’m hoping that between my husband and his dad, their skills can get it working again. and if not, eh, water cooler it is! glad you like it. i have another post in the works that has your name all over it. don’t know why, but i immediately thought of you. coming soon….

    1. LOL. “cool”. good one, j! 😉 little known fact, my husband and i rent a space at a funky, huge, old-ass house that has a community kitchen. not gonna put it in there! we have a converted breezeway that we’ve turned into a kitchenette, so we may put in there, but we also might find a way to put it near a floating bar (as in liquor!) that we have in the works. that project has a little ways to go, so we’ll see. keep ya posted…and i love that you love the latch. i do, too, which is why it got it’s own photograph 😀

  2. Oh WOW! Look at that bad boy (or girl)! What an amazing find you guys. Does it weight a ton? (giggle) I love the color and the SUNROC label. The fixtures ain’t too shabby either. Good thing you have it now… I only see a bright future for this sweetie.
    May she be cool, shiny, and start many conversations! I love it.

    1. hi stace! yes, i think she has a bright future with us (and she is a bit on the heavy side ;)). glad she’s already provided us with our little chit-chat. hope you’re well and feeling better!

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