His Threads

You really should see my hub’s wardrobe. His collection shames mine to bare threads. It’s all second hand and mostly dates back to the 1960’s or earlier (when things were made to last). He’s particularly drawn to button-ups in blues, greens or browns. He loves patterns, but solids are also at his fingertips in “our” closet (I’m not even going to tell you the “his” to “hers” hanger ratio).

The easiest way for us to coordinate (yes, we’re that couple) when we go out is for me to pick my outfit first and then we choose our favorite of the endless options he has to match. It kinda goes something like this:

Last night we went out and painted the town to celebrate 5 years of tying the proverbial knot. We ended up walking out of the door with this selection…I LOVE the patterns on this shirt:

I love my man and his excellent taste in threads. (Side note about my little number – this was a  thrift store find by my man. Minus some fraying in the liner, this 60’s era dress is in excellent condition).

Happy anni, us!!


12 thoughts on “His Threads

  1. Happy Anniversary to the coolest couple around!!! Love your vintage duds… both of you! Okay, this is a little creepy and also a whole lotta cool… but I think we married the same guy. (well… you know!) His vintage shirts (and I’m sure his closet) look exactly like Richie’s! I’m seriously freaked out. Richie refuses to wear anything but vintage shirts and it looks like your guy has some that Richie would really drool over. Not on… just over! HA HA! Love #2 and #3… oh hell… I love them all. 🙂 But I especially love the picture of you two on your anniversary. So sweet. Cheers to you both and may you have many many more (years and vintage clothes!)
    xo Stacey

    1. why does this not surprise me?! of course j immediately said, well, let’s see some! (shirt envy).
      thanks so much for the well wishes. we have a few to catch up to you and richie, but i look forward to reminding you once we’ve hit 22 😉 but hopefully time will slow before that hits ha!
      hope you post soon. i’m having goode house withdrawals!! xoxox

  2. Thanks for sharing your dress rehearsal photos. My daughter and son-in-law own three vintage clothing stores and therefore dress in vintage everyday. I love it! They look so cute and fashionable. Their 14 y/o daughter also dresses in vintage clothes.

    1. ohhhhhhh, how great would it be to know people who own THREE vintage clothing stores! must be awesome to be their daughter 😉 thanks for stopping by!

    1. i bet you look this cool withOUT trying, alex! thanks so much for the blog award!! that’s so awesome and it makes me feel POP U LAR!!!!!!!!!! i will head on over!

      1. I think I keeled over on my couch when I read this. I totally (can we do italics on responses) get it. I’m like sure I’ll feed my ego and pretend like I am one of those bloggers that has 56587 followers.

    1. lol, right?! works out really well for me since i make a terrible shopper, too. i’m glad you found me and i look forward to following your blog. looks like you might make me jealous on some of your finds!! 😉

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