An Old Postcard From Chris Burden

Today’s post has nothing to do with anything scrapped or salvaged. I just had to share my brief encounter with world-renowned artist, Chris Burden who had an Art Reception for his sculpture “Small (Quasi-Legal) Skyscraper” in my hometown (see bottom of post for more on this thought provoking instillation). Popular for his controversial performance art, … More An Old Postcard From Chris Burden

Water-cooler Talk

Look at this piece o’ work (and I write that with the utmost respect for this old-school find). My main man nabbed this at a thrift store for a twenty spot. It’s a Sunroc Water Cooler that doubles as a mini fridge! I was shocked to find very little (read NO) info on these. I … More Water-cooler Talk

Picture This

Since I turned 13, my camera has always been my favorite accessory (let’s be honest – it’s actually more of a limb than a mere accessory). It literally goes where I go. In 2004 I bit the budget bullet and joined the affordable, ground-breaking world known as digital (well, affordable after the camera was purchased). … More Picture This

Hair Buttons

I swear I’m not going to turn this into a button blog, but I’ve got another button revamp. I have these really cool fabric buttons that I’ve been wanting to do something with (these were scored at a thrift store by my hubs). I may have just the sweater to add them to, but it’s … More Hair Buttons

His Threads

You really should see my hub’s wardrobe. His collection shames mine to bare threads. It’s all second hand and mostly dates back to the 1960’s or earlier (when things were made to last). He’s particularly drawn to button-ups in blues, greens or browns. He loves patterns, but solids are also at his fingertips in “our” … More His Threads