Another Terrarium, and Why Not

Once again my hubs struck gold and found another glass globe for a few dollars at a thrift store. Last time it was about the water. This time it’s about the dirt. We found a Better Homes and Gardens House Plants magazine at an estate sale. The 1971 issue had a section on terrariums and we followed their direction on the proper materials.

First we threw in a layer of Black Gold Charcoal, which acts as a natural conditioner and “sweetener” to the soil. It also keeps the environment from developing mold.

Then came a layer of rock. We used Art Rock, which is perfect for terrariums and planters and allows for the proper drainage of water.

Then we parfait-ed in a layer of Black Gold Washed Sand (to further help the draining process) before adding a layer of potting soil, the thickest layer in the globe.

Then came the greenery and some driftwood for aesthetic (we even threw in one of our air plants). I think it could use another smaller plant or two in the foreground, but I like where this is headed.

I had a heck of a time photographing this piece since the entire globe acts as a mirror, but hopefully you get the general idea. I’d love to put it in the room picturedΒ  below) in the BH&G publication (with some minor adjustments of course). I LOVE THAT COUCH.

(I wish I knew whom to give photo cred, but the photographers aren’t listed)


7 thoughts on “Another Terrarium, and Why Not

  1. I LOVE IT! You know me… sucker for all plants and all things surrounded by glass. I did one of these about a year ago and it’s growing like crazy!!! I really think the charcoal does a great job at keeping it fresh and clean. Yours is super fine, girl!
    And BTW… I have that same EXACT hair pin leg table in my guest bedroom… we’re talking EXACT… well, the top might be lighter wood, but STILL! I love that little table and I love yours with the terrarium. You’ve become quite the plant freak yourself! πŸ™‚
    The little air plant is the perfect touch, too.

    1. ha! figures we’d have the same table. the top of this piece started out painted black and pretty beat up. J sanded it down and put a light teal stain on it and then a coat of polyurethane. i love it, too!
      glad to hear your terrarium is thriving after a year. i’m hoping for the same.
      thanks for stopping by, stacey. it’s like nothing’s changed πŸ˜‰ xo

  2. Nice terrarium! Nice parfait-ing. We have a fishless fishbowl collecting dust and cobwebs in the basement…maybe we could attempt this with the help of your thorough direx…?

    FYI: There is a new store near us called Terrain (owned by Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters people) and it has a ton of terrariums that I think you would love, many in the “spotlight” shape ie with the hole on a diagonal – we went there a few months ago, and I was so besotted that I took over 100 pix – I have a post on this store and their terrariums etc in draft mode, but I keep getting overwhelmed and can’t edit all the pix down to a normal number!

    That crazy green couch in that old school BH&G? OH YES.

    1. wow. those are some really cool terrariums they have. and priiiiicey!!! you should totally revamp your dust collected fishbowl. would look smashing in your reading nook with all that white. i’ll be lookin’ for that post πŸ˜‰ thanks for the compliment. hope we can keep it alive!

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