Dress Improvements

It’s too darn hot. We hit a high of 99 today, which meant weather-appropriate attire was a must. I went with this light cotton dress to wear today.

I don’t have a before picture of it because I purchased it at a second hand store about 15 years ago (yeah, I don’t let go of things much!). It was a white cotton slip, but I made some alterations so it could be worn as a dress.

I first removed the slip-like straps, which was a dead giveaway that it was really an undergarment (below is a portion of the old strap that still remains).

I attached straps I removed from another dress (that one is now strapless). I also sewed one strap on each side at the waist because it was a little big on me.

I wore it white for several years and last summer decided I needed a change. I dyed it with Rit’s Kelly Green. I love how it gave the hem and flowers a slight yellow tint, which made the color pop even more.

I usually wear this number with a sweater because of the loose fit on the bodice, but that wasn’t going to fly today, kids! I needed to take in the bust a little to better fit my mammies, so I simply selected two vintage buttons from my button box and took in each side under the arm.

Within 5 minutes I had a more form fitting sundress! I love getting new uses out of old things. Here’s how the dress ended up (excuse the awkward self portraits).

Stay cool, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Dress Improvements

  1. LOVE the color and you’re right, it’s cool what the dye did to the flower detail.

    My mother dyed a lot of things when I was a kid, but I’ve never tried it myself – I think I’m afraid that it’s going to color our washing machine, or that they colors will bleed from the garment afterwards? OR…maybe it’s just that I’m lazy.

    Nice tatts btw 🙂

    1. yeah, i’m afraid of color in the wash, too. i use a medium sized water bucket (like you’d use to mop). less mess and no dying other garments you don’t intend to!
      thanks for the tatt compliment 😉 9 and counting….

  2. Hello hot stuff!!! I am GREEN with envy. Not only for the super cute dress but the super hot figure too!! (sorry.. don’t blush… I call ’em like I see ’em!)
    So help me clarify this awesome idea. Did you just “tuck” at the right fit and then permanently sew the button or is there a button hole so you can remove the button? Either way it’s freakin’ genius! Not to give TMI but I definitely need to take in some dresses that don’t fit well in that area. But you know… we all have our problems… and it looks like all I really needed my whole life was cute buttons. DANG! All those wasted years and outfits. (laughing).

    Seriously cute and feminine dress …. perfect for this hot weather.
    It fits you like it was tailor-made. ( I guess it was ) Great job!
    9 tattoos? Love it!

    1. lol stacey you crack me up. here’s the dealio, i don’t sew, i wing it. i just synched an approximate amount of fabric on each side and sewed it permanently with a button (i actually thought, i really should measure and pin before i sew. that’s what real people do. i gave it up as soon as i thought of it). as ladies i think we should all have personal tailors to accommodate how different we’re each shaped. it’s a life long challenge for sure!
      thanks for your compliments. i guess we really could closet swap after all! (minus the heels) 😉

      1. oh and, 9, yes. i get a tattoo every time i have a life moment. that way i know i won’t get tired of it. it’s just a journal entry…

  3. Well aren’t you the very creative one!!! I had no idea you were such a fashion designer. I’m thoroughly impressed. SUPER cute!

    1. thanks, sooz! it’s funny, i feel like such a fake with everything i do, but i manage to somewhat pull it off (well, at least enough to stay on, and that’s my main concern, ha!). i got several compliments today, but no one asked me where i bought it…damn! 😉

      1. You do more than pull it off!! Your cute button necklaces, the dress (dyed and fixed up by YOU!) – I would’ve thought for sure you bought them somewhere!

  4. Very cute!! I bought a white dress today and I was thinking about dyeing it. I’ve never done it before, but you are inspiring me to give it a try. The green is beautiful too.

    And you’re probably gonna think I’m weird, but I LOVE the red chair in the background. It’s super fun!

    1. dye it! my recommendation is to leave it longer than you think so you get everything even. and stir it around a bit. i use a bucket so i don’t have to fear the washer dying everything the same color for loads to follow.
      and i DON’T think you’re weird. i LOVE that red chair. i am so happy you noticed (albeit unintentionally placed). can’t wait to see what you make of your new dress!!!!

      1. Thanks for the tips. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m thinking I’ll wear it white for the rest of summer and then dye it for the fall. It’s kinda like getting two looks for the price of one. 🙂

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