This Baby Got Put in the Corner

I feel like I start each lamp post with “this is one of my favorites…”. But this really is one of my favorites — if not my most favorite. My husband brought this home from an estate sale several months ago. I’m guessing his affinity for the mighty circle had something to do with it and I’m not kidding. He even has symmetrical circles tattooed on each wrist, his “cufflinks” rather.  Anyway, it was love at first sight for me as well (both the swag lamp and the tatted man, ha!).

There’s no company name on this 1960’s era find so I don’t know anything about it other than it’s made out of some kind of heavy molded plastic. It adds so much to this corner of my room

I am not sure how to tag this post so I checked “Lighting”, “Furniture” and “Decor”. I love how a lamp can be each of those and more.


11 thoughts on “This Baby Got Put in the Corner

    1. thank you, beth! i love the color of orange and turquoise together, too. and i know you have a good eye for sweet lamps, too 😉

    1. hiiii, thanks so much, B! hey. when do we get another uplifting dose from you, btw?! i could use one! thanks for liking my lamp corner! i love it, too! (there’s a lot of exclamations in my response here. ha!!)

  1. What a lovely vignette! Something for the art lover, plant freak, vintage geek, furniture finding, lamp loving lady like me. There’s nothing in this that doesn’t “light” me up! (hee hee)

    Okay, lets talk lamps. This one is fabulous. The colors and texture are amazing. I have to assume it’s hardwired? What a cool find and a perfect spot. Love it! Now… the art. So colorful. It immediately reminded me of Fernand Leger’s work. Where did you find that?

    Just this morning, I woke up and thought …. I hope Scrap and Salvage writes today and shows me some cool stuff!!! So thank you guys.. I needed a fix. Love your style.

    P.S. Did J refinish that table? Did he “back sand”. It looks silky smooth. 🙂

    1. yes, let’s talk lamps (and i know you are a great lover of lamps, too, my dear). it’s not grounded, it’s a swag lamp. guess that was another adjective i could have used to beef (eww, i’m a veggie) up my post!!! i love the color and texture too. funky! and the artwork does kinda look like a fernand leger! i’m not sure who the artist is (unless there’s a sig on the back somewhere). J found it at a thrift store of all places a few years back. i should investigate it a bit. crap. see. i should give credit! 😀
      glad you love the ensemble. J actually found a set of those tables at an estate sale in pristine condition, so no back sanding was necessary, ha! aren’t they thunder bitchin’?!
      and i’m glad we can provide each other with a good “fix” from time to time 😉 love.

      1. Swag…. ahhhh, I almost guessed that. It looks like it might be a swag. I just like saying the word swag. SWAG! But the one thing I forgot to mention because I was so distracted by all the swag was to tell you that “NOBODY puts Baby in a corner”!
        (unless she’s a swag, I guess)

        Love ya, gorgeous! You’re too fun.

    1. thanks so much! and i fully agree on the double win of it being functional and beautiful. glad you appreciate that, too! 🙂

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