GI Joe Action Figure Doll

This guy belongs to my husband. And make no mistake, according to Hasbro and pop-culture this is no doll. This is a GI Joe Action Figure. Hasbro first started making these dolls, I mean action figures, in 1964. This particular “Action Soldier” is from its founding year and seemingly goes for some coin on eBay. “America’s movable fighting man” was printed on every box and since then all “boy”-related figures are referred to as “action figures” — well, okay, but I think I’m going to change my vernacular just the same.

Unique markings on these original figures are trademark and year on the soldier’s butt cheek (check), a slash mark on his right face cheek (check) and his nail is mistakenly placed on the inside of his thumb (oops and check!).

This guy is in great condition minus the loss of his left hand.

Items photographed around the doll include a 1950’s Hit Spy Camera, a .50 caliber KS-43 (’43) round from WWII used with a Browning M2 machine gun, and a vintage happy-face button just to represent the hippie side of things in this military infused post.

And here all along I thought this was a “Ken” doll — I mean action figure.


6 thoughts on “GI Joe Action Figure Doll

  1. My mom gave away all my Star Wars figurines (the original versions I had as a kid) to my cousins in Europe. I’m still getting ovrr it. Mind you they weren’t in original packaging but damn. I love the old catalogue listing of this “action figure”.

    1. ohhhhhhhh, noooo good!!! i think we all have stories of “my mom garaged saled” or “my mom gave away”, but losing star wars figurines is no joke! i stand in solidarity with you 😉

  2. Nice butt tatt! And I love how he looks so weary and content at the same time while sitting in that corner. He’s clearly dreaming of his best girl back home. 🙂

    1. oh totally. waiting for her letter to arrive. i do hope she writes soon though! they write songs about this kinda stuff 😉

  3. That is so great! I don’t know a single guy who doesn’t get all excited, out of breath, with high-pitched- fast talking voices when it comes to GI Joe! Richie loved seeing this and wanted to know if you’d see this before. They’re great photos of JOE… check ’em out!
    He really is in great condition… but looks a little exhausted sitting there in the corner. No doubt worn out from posing for all those advertisements! HA! Great treat… thanks for sharing. We both loved it!

    1. thanks for the link, stacey and richie! i saw this guys’s work in a magazine a few years ago (it had to have been his anyway), but i’ve never seen his site! i could spend a long time looking at his photo-stories. imagine the patience! something i lack a considerable dose of 🙂 thanks again for the link. i’m going to go back and look some more….

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