Industrial Lamp, Blogging Misshap

Insert your best swear word here: ________ ! I had a brilliant post of “before” and “after” drafted. Then somehow the “before” photos were deleted into such oblivion I found myself pacing (and cursing) while whining “I’m never blogging again!“.  Not only were they decent photos, they were also, well, the whole point of the post! You can’t say, “WOW! Look at what we’ve done!” if you don’t document the wreck it came from. Merde (cursing in French helps to alleviate my stupidity).

So maybe I can convince you with my words that this recent find started out looking like a pile in the first place…

Mi esposo helps out at estate sales from time to time (you can guess why). This lamp came from one of those sales. It was absolutely decrepit when we found it, but had 100% potential. We didn’t even know if it would work when we got it, but we took the chance with this goose-necked hunk o’ junk.The estate “saler” jumped at our wanting to take it, she even gave it to us for free (we felt obligated to throw her a 5 spot just the same).

We brought it home and my hubs went to town. As it turns out it had been rewired within the last couple of decades, and well done. The parts were a bit loose, but after a little tightening and modifying the lamp was functionally sound. It’s aesthetics, on the other hand, well, it looked pathetic (how am I doin?!). It was completely rusted over to the point that it was a chunky, reddish-black mess. The neck of it had also been wrapped entirely in (what used to be) white tape, which was grossly deteriorating.

So my man wire brushed the hell out of it, sanded, buffed and spat, put a clear coat on the outside and a flat, high-temp coat of silver paint where the bulb is and it now it looks like this:

We have another floor lamp similar to this and my guy is now inspired to fix it up, too (it’s not in terrible shape, just poorly painted over). Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll get the photo thing right next time. Sheesh.


6 thoughts on “Industrial Lamp, Blogging Misshap

  1. Ugh, as someone who has simply forgotten (or moved too fast) to snap “before” photos, I feel your pain! If only it was the “after” photos that got lost in the bermuda triangle: then you could just snap them again!

    (btw, you also gave me a painful and very vivid flashback to losing a whole paper in college at like 3 AM the day it was due – yup insert ——- here! 🙂 )

    1. ohhhh, so sorry for the gut punch down memory lane! hope you pulled that paper off after all. that’s also the problem with digital. i mean, i suppose i had that rare moment of over exposing my film back in the day., but to accidentally delete several shots in camera…gone into the void forever. thanks for empathizing with me!!!

  2. Hello shiny cool lamp… I love you! Seriously, it turned out SOOOO good. I’m sorry about your lost photos. Been there, done that and boy does it make you mad!!!!
    You did a most excellent job of describing the rusty, dirty, tape wrapped mess it was in a previous life. The pictures in my head were almost as good as the ones you took, no doubt! I added a little extra rust for drama. (laughing)

    There’s nothing I love more than seeing something that most people would frown and turn their noses up at become a beautifully restored and functioning piece. I love that you guys have such passion for it. Great job!

    1. thanks, stacey! post salvaged. HAHA! that just cracked me up. glad you like the lamp. since i know you’re “lamp people”, too, i trust your judgement. i love its big base! very happy with it. hope you guys are getting cooler weather (we’re not out here)!

    1. haha, glad you could “see” the heap with me! thanks for the compliment. i love it, too. great lamps make me so happy! hope your week got off to a great start!

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