Murano Ashtrays

HELLO out there! It’s been a non-stop couple of crazy weeks for both of us – a little refurbishing here, some cool finds there, but mostly w.o.r.k. here, there and everywhere. I’m trying to remember when my life went from Summertime being the freest season to becoming the busiest!

Sometime in early summer we forgot a ginger knuckle in our pantry and we just recently found it with a half inch sprout. Not wanting to throw a living thing away, we planted it and low and behold, in just a couple weeks the shoot has sprouted a whopping 24 inches high! This thing’s growing as fast as the summer is passing us by.

Anyway, soon I’ll have some of those refurbished items to share with you. In the interim here are three recent thrift store finds of Murano glass ashtrays my man did find the time to stop for.


These beauties will serve as lovely vases, but can also stand alone quite perfectly on their own.

Whether you’re busy or relaxed, I hope you all are finding many ways of enjoying July!

UPDATE: 19 July 2012, 8:47 pm (I feel like a true reporter). Said ginger plant has grown 5 more inches in 2 days and now measures at 29″.


8 thoughts on “Murano Ashtrays

    1. thanks, lady! i appreciate your compliments. i’m glad we inspire each other. ps i’ve been working on taking more deep breaths lately 😉

  1. It goes by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it! BAM…. it’s JULY! I hear you loud and clear… but it looks like you’re making up for it in good finds. Murano… oooo la la! They are so pretty. I love finding Murano pieces and these are fab, especially #4!
    I could definitely see an air plant sitting in one of those. SMOKIN’!
    or maybe some dark chocolates. (giggle)
    Can’t wait to see your refurbished stuff. You guys do have the skills!!! Have a good day and don’t work too hard!

    1. thanks, stacey! just last weekend i had a clump full of bougainvillea in that one (a missed photo op, darnit!) and it looked so beautiful! maybe it’s time to move onto the dark chocolates!!! mmmm. happy tuesday, my friend!

    1. thanks, fella! i use an old sony dsc-r1
      i’m a bit of a photography buff and this model has done really well by me. albeit a bit dated it has a great zoom and a swivel LCD screen (which i haven’t seen on any other camera and it comes in handy in tight places). they are a fraction of the price now on eBay or amazon (of course), so for the price you could easily get something more up to date. we wanna see those star lights in all their beauty! 😉

    1. i think that one is my fave, too. i LOVE that color. and feel free to use the new spelling. it really gets the point across 😉 thanks for stopping by. plus, congrats on your new book! my damn reader didn’t show me that post, but i saw it on stacey’s. which reminds me i need to pay you a visit…..

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