Water Terrarium

I’m kind of in love with this awesome water terrarium that sits on our balcony deck. My hubs found these two pieces separately about two years ago at different thrift stores on, get this, the same day (love when that magic happens). We both have an affinity for anything hair pin and these legs fit this glass bowl to a T.

It’s been many things since we’ve had it: attempted-terrarium (something crazy happened with the chemistry there), fishbowl tank (but, man, did they die!) and mostly a dirt and algae incrusted, empty bowl that looked all kinds of skank. But, we cleaned it up and this time I think the plants will take!

Usually we pick up pond plants from a local who sets them out for free, but he hasn’t had any for the last few weeks so we caved and went to a nursery. For about $6 we got a nice starter supply of lettuce pond plants (which will soon break off into other clusters).

This bowl also doubles as an easy watering hole for my new air plants (boy, I need to write about something other than plants next)!

In the meantime, who wants to join me for a lemonade on the porch?! Okay, who am I foolin’? Who wants wine!

24 thoughts on “Water Terrarium

  1. That is seriously cool… and seriously beautiful. I can’t believe how perfectly that bowl fits into the stand. It was meant to be!!
    I had never heard of a lettuce pond plant. They looks so pretty just floating in that clear water. OH CRAP… are you going to get into pond plants now! You know I’m weak.
    Wonderful find, beautifully displayed, and I’m seriously thinking I need one. What’s are the odds that I’d ever find a glass bowl that big and that beautiful. I’m thinkin’ slim to none. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled, though. Lucky you!
    I’ll trade you the bed for the bowl. What’d ya think? (laughing!!!)

    1. right?! dirt plants: check. air plants: check. water plants: CHECK! follow suit, stacey!!! πŸ˜€
      i’m glad you love it. it is amazing that they were found separately. the likelihood that that’ll happen again is slim to none, but you are the couple that found that fab chair coming from a friggin impromptu dinner! anything is possible…
      plus, you MADE your bed. and were successful at it. not sure this is a fair comparison, but SOLD! πŸ˜‰ hehehe

    1. ha, thanks, inkomplete! as if you needed a bigger list, right?! perhaps 21 plants for you! πŸ˜‰

    1. agreed, kibster! it does make any piece that much more enjoyable when it’s a separate find! thanks for the compliment!

    1. hi karen. sorry for the late reply. since the environment is small (at least this one), it can get pretty messy, especially as the pond plants grow/replicate. i recommend a little goldfish net to get the debris and sediment that collects. we’ve had to clean out the bowl a few times a year, too. the pond plants either get too big or too numerous, so we put them in a larger pond and keep some of the babies for the terrarium. it won’t keep it 100% slime free, but all of the above helps! good luck with yours, karen and thanks for stopping by!

  2. If the bowl is old it may have lead in it my sister pick up a wonderful crystal bowl that was deaf to all little gold fish

    1. It needn’t have contained lead to kill fish… fish bowls are not a safe or healthy way to keep aquatic life! Fish need carefully balanced water chemistry, oxygenation, and filtration to survive. The classic depiction of a goldfish in a bowl is tragically misleading.

  3. Very pretty. You have water hyacinth there that will bloom if it gets sun. It will also become invasive so ensure you have somewhere to put the plants you have to pull out. Please don’t put them in lakes or streams.

  4. Love,love, love this! I have a koi pond and want 2 find a way to bring in some of my flowering plants inside. Your taste and style are beautiful!
    Do you have problems with mosquito’s trying to lay eggs? How often do you change the water?

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