Celebrating Independence

The Fourth of July is always a big deal where we live, which means it’s a lot of work…which is yet another way of saying we finally got around to that spring cleaning that should have happened last season!

Yesterday is my nephews’ favorite holiday. They love anticipating the fireworks all year round and the payoff always fits their expectations. But, coming over to Auntie and Uncle’s house means restocking the gumball machine. Each kid requires at least ten cents worth of gum, so we had to make a last minute emergency run toΒ  pick up the mandatory supply.

On our way back home, my husband made a quick U-turn and I knew exactly what was happening – a quick 4th of July yard sale stop. We had to get back to that “Spring” cleaning, so in less than 5 minutes he scored these three items for $10. I’m particularly drawn to the industrial steampunk-like lamp (it adjusts at 3 joints!).

Anyway, as it happens every year, we managed to be ready for the guests and nephews just in time.Β  And the coin tray was sufficiently stocked with enough coppers to provide the boys with more sugar than their parents were comfortable with πŸ™‚

Hope you all had a happy, safe and festive Fourth!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Independence

  1. YAY! GUMBALLS! That machine is so cool and I bet your nephews will NEVER forget going to your house and turning the knob in the “cool machine” to get some gum. (no doubt they’ll talk about it for years to come)
    Sound and looks like you had a wonderful 4th and some thrifty finds to top it off with a “BANG”.
    Love the adjustable lamp! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Richie would go crazy for that thing!

    1. good to know that lamp has another fan! πŸ™‚
      and you’re right. i think they will both remember that machine for the rest of their lives (especially the younger one who can’t make himself chew longer than a minute because he’s too excited to get the next. we’re working on self control πŸ˜‰ )
      hope you had a happy 4th, stacey!!

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