Cute as a Button

I don’t sew much (read ever) unless it’s a little hole that needs stitching up or a hem here and there. I do replace buttons, however. It’s an easy way to change up a pair of pants you’ve grown bored with or retro out a modern coat. I have hundreds of vintage buttons in greens, … More Cute as a Button

Murano Ashtrays

HELLO out there! It’s been a non-stop couple of crazy weeks for both of us – a little refurbishing here, some cool finds there, but mostly w.o.r.k. here, there and everywhere. I’m trying to remember when my life went from Summertime being the freest season to becoming the busiest! Sometime in early summer we forgot … More Murano Ashtrays

Water Terrarium

I’m kind of in love with this awesome water terrarium that sits on our balcony deck. My hubs found these two pieces separately about two years ago at different thrift stores on, get this, the same day (love when that magic happens). We both have an affinity for anything hair pin and these legs fit … More Water Terrarium