Air Plant Creativity

This post is 100% inspired by my dear blogger friend, Stacey (you really must check out her beautiful home if you haven’t already at a Goode house). Due to one of her recent posts I got a small handful of these fantastic, nearly whimsical air plants from Air Plant Supply Co. I bought them for my husband’s birthday (which is TODAY!) and they were the perfect present. They arrived individually wrapped in tissue and came with literature on how to give them proper care. Since they don’t need dirt, Air Plant Supply encourages their shoppers to display them creatively. Here’s our stab at it (they make me so happy!):

These two (Bulbosa and Ionantha Fueogo) are perched in grooves on a piece of driftwood we found up north a couple of years ago. The wood is naturally shaped like an anchor!

This Butzii plant rests in a bit o’ tree “knuckle” my husband found while on a hike. I love its texture!

This is another Butzii and rests in a blown glass ash tray purchased at a thrift store. Perfect color combo.

…or in this guy (we love owls)!

I love the smell of a pipe, but this is a healthier use for it!

This tiny bit of wood had a little hole in it, perfect plant perch.

I love the way this Andreana looks in this glass.

Such a great way to decorate inside and out. And super versatile.

Okay, now to get ready to celebrate a special life! Gonna kick it off with some cocktails later and then a little Wes Anderson and Moonrise Kingdom (finally!). My best birthday ever (okay, his)!


14 thoughts on “Air Plant Creativity

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I have goosebumps and I’m smiling from ear to ear. THEY LOOK SO GORGEOUS! Isn’t it amazing how they make everything look so beautiful!! OMG, you totally got creative with these. The pipe… oh no, the owl… oh the wood “knuckle”… wait the glass bowls… I can’t possibly pick a favorite! You did good, girl. The Bulbosa looks super cool in the drift wood. That’s one that I will definitely need to get.

    Was he happy with his birthday gift? That’s sort of like when my dad got my mom a VCR for her birthday…. hummm… I think he sort of benefitted from that one too. I think you’re definitely benefitting from his b-day gift! Ha ha ha! Fun for the whole family. 🙂

    Seriously… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and I’m quite impressed with the beautiful and creative ways you displayed them! Let me know how you like the movie… we’ve been dying to see it. Can’t wait… big Wes Anderson fan!!! (this made my day!!!!!!!!)

    1. yay! so glad you love them, stacey. you were right, they’re so much fun to decorate/experiment with. since you’ve had yours for awhile, how big (and how quickly) do they get?

      the gift was a perfect surprise! he LOVES them and was very happy you inspired me to get our own lot (though it is a little bit like the vcr to your mom – wink wink). thanks so much for the birthday wish. will report on Moonrise Kingdom later! we’re huge fans too 😀

      thanks for your kind note!

      1. Well, that’s a great question. Ha Ha! I have no idea the answer, though. The first batch I bought were tiny and they really haven’t changed size in the year or more I’ve had them. Maybe these new ones that are a little bigger will show some growth. So funny… I was just happy the were still alive I didn’t even notice they really weren’t changing in size. Duhhhh!
        We’ll figure that one out together.

    1. thank you, thank you! i bet you could get some of these puppies and then blog about their plant zen! 🙂

    1. aren’t they beauts?! thanks for the comment. they’ve been a lot of fun. art and nature in one 🙂

    1. thanks! and you’re right about it looking like spaghetti! it’s very smooth. i had a hard time believing it was wood, but it is! inside looks 100% like bark 🙂

  2. I absolutely love air plants, and you’ve displayed them so nicely! I have a couple varieties that grow wild in my oak trees, but I really need to order some different ones. They’re just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! they’ve been so much fun and i love that you can put them in weird places, which totally offsets/compliments my potted plants. if you end up getting some of your own i’d love to see what you do with them! have a happy 4th!!

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