Gladmark Plates

We all have tableware we avoid using for fear of wear and tear or, worse, breakage. For many I would assume it’s fine china. For us it’s a set of 4 teak Gladmark lunch plates from Sun Valley, CA. These 1960’s creations would be perfect to use while watching a film (which we do plenty of) or for enjoying an outdoor snack, but potential stains and scratching prohibit them from functionality. Perhaps one day we’ll have glass-door cabinets in our kitchen and they can double as art. For now, I’m simply sharing this great thrift store find with you.


3 thoughts on “Gladmark Plates

  1. Okay, I HATE MY READER! But I love you… so I’ll try to get over it. I can’t believe I missed this post! These are absolutely gorgeous. Okay help me here… are the beautiful colored areas for a drink/glass? What are they made of? Wow, this is like a work of art all put together like that. Yes, you must build a glass cabinet IMMEDIATELY! But I do hope you use them every once in a while… life’s too short… enjoy the pretty things!!! Pretty people deserve pretty things! Love it. Now I must go curse my reader and find out why you’re not showing up!
    P.S. Looking forward to your plants making their big debut!

  2. i hate my reader too. i started following a few more blogs for a minute, but my feed got inundated and i missed a lot!

    hiiiii! so glad you like them, stacey! the color swirls are for glasses and they’re made out of a very thick papery fabric. i think i’ll follow your life is short advice and bring them out for cheese and crackers and a glass of wine (white in case i slosh!). that sounds fab. šŸ™‚

    thanks for stopping by! you brightened my day as always.

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