Mission Style Rocker

A couple weeks ago my husband picked me up from work with this in the back seat!

A man was taking it out to the curb when my little opportunist spotted it and scooped it up for free. Its owner said that it’s from the ’40s. There aren’t any markings on it, but it looks to be from that era (if not earlier).

I love Mission-style furniture in other people’s homes, but have never been a huge fan of it in my own. This rocker, however, may be the exception. It started out a little rough around the edges, no upholstery, just exposed springs and bits of old disintegrated leather.

My more talented half sanded this Tiger Oak down, (those nooks between the slats were a pain in the arse)….

Then he put a “Cherry” finish on it (with his estate sale brush)…

And now…to reupholster, which neither of us has done. Ever.

We have a few resources to use for advise, starting with my twin sister’s mother and father-in-law who have had a few goes at reupholstering chairs. My husband is leery knowing that this is not an easy task and I am uber optimistic, which makes me think I underestimate the depth of the project ahead. At least it’s not the entire chair. Either way, we are both up for the challenge. I’ll show you our results when it’s complete – even if it’s crap!

In the meantime, we novices would appreciate any advise from you mavens out there.


14 thoughts on “Mission Style Rocker

  1. It looks amazing! I know nothing about upholstering but I’m going to be doing the same thing as you this weekend so if I come up with any tips I’ll let you know!

    1. thanks so much for the compliment! and please do let me know how your progress goes this weekend. i hope your experience is a positive one and encourages me in a similar direction! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It has that โ€˜utility eraโ€™ 1940-50 look to it…. What are you intending to use for the seat? I imagine it would have been originally a heavy vinyl probably red or green?

    1. originally it had that dark, heavy leather on it, which would definitely have a similar look to the heavy green vinyl. have you worked with either? or i could see a semi heavy carpet bag-like fabric. let me know if you have thoughts, wise one!

  3. I read that “original” post! HA HA! Too tired last night to respond. Us old farts have to get to bed early. Wow, looks to me like you’re the “mavens”. That chair is looking wonderful.
    Upholstery… I’ve dabbled. I’ve done a sofa, two chairs, an ottoman and all of our old dining chairs. Are you going to use the springs or replace them? It’s not as hard as you think, and I’ve seen the projects you guys have tackled and succeeded with so I have NO doubt you will master this. I’m not sure what kind of advise I could give except to just take your time with it… play with scrap fabric if you have to – to get the hang of it. If you have specific questions I might be able to help. Good luck with it. I have total confidence in you.

    1. i was hoping to hear from you (naturally). my margins (photos/words) got all screwed up so i had to delete some info here and there (very weird and frustrating). i’ll get you in again yet ๐Ÿ˜‰
      thanks so much for your encouraging words! i’m feeling more confident already. by the sound of it you’ve more than just “dabbled”! i think we’d like to keep the same springs. and good advise playing with scrap fabric. i’ll keep you posted and bug you if we run into trouble!

      1. No need to “get me in”. (you’re so sweet!) But it did make me smile and laugh… you have a great sense of humor and I love that you said that. (insert that warm and fuzzy feeling)
        I have so much fun chatting with you! Holler if I can help.

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