The Joy of Plants

Today my husband and I spent the afternoon transplanting some of our plants (most of them California natives) into bigger homes (this previously shared a terracotta with 4 other succulents) and adding some new plants a friend of ours contributed to our growing plant population. I love the freshness of the way this looks.

Now to find something lovely for this Frank Moreno (also native to California!) my husband found for just a couple dollars…A California Poppy would look so happy in it!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Plants

  1. It must have been one of those days… I did the same thing! Of course I didn’t have these AMAZING pots at my disposal. They’re both gorgeous. I have a question… Do these have drain holes or do you have a liner pot in them? I love this type of pottery but wondered how people use them.
    I’m a bit of plant freak and have them everywhere. There’s never too many!! I think they transform a room.

    1. yay for sundays in the garden! i 100% agree that they can transform a room. these particular pots do not have holes, which simply means we’re pretty careful to monitor how much (or little) water we give these gals (they’ll stay moist for quite awhile unless in direct sunlight). since succulents take less water and fuss, those are always good for the hole-less pots.we also have several pots from the same era that actually have a “knock out hole” on the bottom, a small circle with just glaze and no ceramic.
      thanks for your compliments! i could see the white one in your house for sure!

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