Air Plant Creativity

This post is 100% inspired by my dear blogger friend, Stacey (you really must check out her beautiful home if you haven’t already at a Goode house). Due to one of her recent posts I got a small handful of these fantastic, nearly whimsical air plants from Air Plant Supply Co. I bought them for … More Air Plant Creativity

Gladmark Plates

We all have tableware we avoid using for fear of wear and tear or, worse, breakage. For many I would assume it’s fine china. For us it’s a set of 4 teak Gladmark lunch plates from Sun Valley, CA. These 1960’s creations would be perfect to use while watching a film (which we do plenty … More Gladmark Plates

The Joy of Plants

Today my husband and I spent the afternoon transplanting some of our plants (most of them California natives) into bigger homes (this previously shared a terracotta with 4 other succulents) and adding some new plants a friend of ours contributed to our growing plant population. I love the freshness of the way this looks. Now … More The Joy of Plants