Vintage Lighters

Sometimes the littlest trinket can dress up a space and give it character. We have an old printing press drawer that we’ve hung on the wall and we use the little slots as cubbyholes to display items like these old lighters.

Their monetary value isn’t necessarily anything to write home/blog about (left to right: a Piezo Table Gas Lighter by Unitron – this will torch your face off if you’re not careful – a Marathon and a pair of Regens), but they make for nostalgic decor as I fancy their hay-day and who might have used them to light up a cigarette. Of course it makes my husband want to spark one up for real, but I remind him getting old ain’t for sissies in the first place, so why encourage it (unlike this ridiculous Tipalet ad from the ’70s. What the…).


6 thoughts on “Vintage Lighters

  1. More like…blow in her face… and she’ll blow you OFF! These are so great. I get such a good laugh over these. The lighters are really cool, guys. Obviously smoking is bad for you.. but back then if, you’re gonna, you might as well have a super cool lighter to flick open! HA! Love your collection. You’re a smart girl! Growing older AIN’T FOR SISSIES! My grandmother always said that to me and she made it to 94. She was no sissy! 🙂

    1. 94, wow! she wasn’t a sissy! bet she didn’t take smoke in the face either. 🙂 i found several ads about doctors’ choice (mostly for camels or lucky strike). we’ve come a long way…

  2. HA HA!… if you blew smoke in her face she would probably punch you!! She was a character and didn’t put up with ANY CRAP! I learned a lot from her. Have a good one, friend… and keep ’em coming. I love your posts.

    1. thanks, stacey! i appreciate the words of encouragement. keep yours coming, too! they’re always a highlight.

    1. yeah, a little tough to display on their own, which is why our printing press drawer helps. now i’m sure you have a cuby of some kind you could fashion around a few lighters, eh?!

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