Sun Lamp & Safety

My home is considerably dark inside. Even though nearly every wall has a window or glass door, our place is situated on property that doesn’t allow much sunlight inside. This is why a variety of artificial light sources are necessary (as if my husband needed another scavenging excuse). 

This beacon is an old Bretford Sun Lamp (model MJ-1 if that means anything to anyone, it certainly doesn’t to me). We use it to read by (not to tan under). I like to think its light raises my serotonin to a new level of happiness. My man got it at an estate sale for $20, which is a bit steep for his style of shopping, but still less than what they’re going for on eBay. The cord needed a little rewiring, which he did with his pops on a Saturday afternoon. It now works perfectly.

We don’t actually use the kind of bulb to make this light function as a sun lamp. We’re supposed to use a 275 watt sun lamp “only” bulb or so says the sticker near the fixture. We’re using a 60 watt regular light bulb. So if any reader out there is knowledgeable enough to know if we’re creating a fire hazard, please speak up! We don’t want to light this crib up too much if you know what I mean!


6 thoughts on “Sun Lamp & Safety

  1. Great lamp, guys. Ahhhh, I’m not sure about a 60 watt starting a fire, but it seems that a 275 definitely might. HA! I really love that you found the old advertisement. Knowing what we all know about UV damage… that “sleep under it” and “health tan” cracks me up! Look at her frying that baby. Gotta love these old ads. Thanks for sharing.. made me smile and laugh. … and the lamp looks wonderful in your house!

  2. thanks, stacey! i’m particularly drawn to it’s color. i love the richness of that patina. and the frying baby ad cracked me up, too. the “health tan”, and at 275 watts to boot. yikes! 🙂
    have a great day!

    1. …your love for this lamp comes as a huge compliment since i’ve seen some of your great lamps. it doesn’t quite outshine your copper wonder, but i’m workin’ on it 😉

    1. thanks! it looks like it would go with your lovely collection! i love, love, love that patina color.

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