My husband and I share a car, which means I hoof it fairly often. Thankfully my wheeled partner just made it easier for me! I’d like to think this “new” sunbrella will make me unstoppable. It will certainly protect my uber pale skin from California’s relentless rays and help alleviate my showing up to work in a big huff.

This find came from The Salvation Army for 3 bucks. I don’t know too much about it other than that it’s in great condition. The cloth has managed to keep its vibrant 60’s-era colors, though my very particular husband is bugged by the fact that the floral patterns don’t match at the seams. Whatever. I’m not as picky. The wooden handle (made in Italy according to its sticker) has a cool little carved design to boot. Perfect for the upcoming summer walks!

Orrrrr, look at this fantastic Upcycled Umbrella skirt from Ecouterre! Hmm…

photo courtesy of ecouterre

2 thoughts on “Sunbrella

  1. I love this idea! You look so chic. Honestly, this is something we should all use…even when it’s not raining. The sun is cooking us all and it’s horrible for your skin, so why not shade yourself with something so fabulous. Good find.
    The skirt is a little unexpected. I can only guess that you’re not quite sure about this?? Is that true? I think I’d have to keep it above my shoulders…unless I lost my pants during a rainstorm. 🙂

  2. lol. the skirt was a totally unexpected find on my part, too. it’s fascinating, but i’m with you, i’ll keep this number above my shoulders and hopefully save a crows feet or two! 😉

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