Vintage Hospital Bed Tray

I’ve done my darndest to find out more about these wood & metal hospital trays. I’m guessing they predate WWII, but I could be totally wrong and welcome any information you might know. Research mostly brought up images and not enough history.

My husband bought this when it was a pile. He took it off someone’s hands for ten bucks. It was a sad mess when he brought it home – everything painted inoperable and ugly… but I immediately fell in love with it and we both saw its potential. With a little help from his dad’s machinery, my fix-it man disassembled, repaired and reassembled it piece-by-piece. It’s classy and has a touch mystery about it. I can totally see my professorial sister using it as a lectern for her Art History lectures.

Somehow keeping it is a far clearer image! 😉

I think hospitals should reinstate these. Recovery rates might just improve.


10 thoughts on “Vintage Hospital Bed Tray

  1. absolutely gorgeous item, yet again 🙂 I have a fixed one that would sit over the end of hospital bed… so not quite as flexible in use as this…. I am still trying to decide what it should become…. keep up the great refurbs 🙂

  2. I own one with a flip top vanity mirror. I am pretty sure it’s from the 40’s or 50’s, but like you I can’t find any info about them. I would love to know the value!

    1. wow. that’s so cool that you have one with a flip top mirror! you’d think we’d be able to find the value of it more readily. i keep telling myself part of the mystery of it adds to its value 😉

    1. sue, we’ve looked, too and, you’re right, they are so hard to find any information on (era, worth, etc). yours with the mirror sounds lovely. it might be worth you posting in some forum to see if anyone knows. and then let me know 😉

  3. Did you ever find out anything about your tray? We just got one that has a brass base with claw feet and dated 1901. I can’t find anything out about it either, which is how i discovered your blog. It does have a label on back that is barely readable “Sieway”? That’s all i can make out and it’s in a fancy script so the “ie” could be something else….however I’m pretty certain of the “S” and “way”.

    1. hi pat. no! we have not found any more info on ours and that’s not for lack of trying. it’s disappointing how little information there is about these these trays. it sounds like you have more details on yours and it also sounds lovely! especially those claw feet (which ours does not have). ours didn’t have anything stamped on it (but it was also thickly painted over years ago). best of luck in your search and thanks for sharing your good find!

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